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Shop Owners Donate Covid-19 Kits To Elderly In Their Community

They've spent over $2,500 of their own money to give back to those who are struggling in their town.

A couple who owns a small shop in a Scottish village are proving that in times of crisis, you should always go out of your way to help your neighbor.

Asiyah Javed, 34, and her husband Jawad, 35, own the Day Today Express convenience store in Stenhousemuir, Falkirk. During this time of concern about the coronavirus, the couple has been preparing Covid-19 kits for the elderly people in their village.

The kits are packed in plastic bags and contain a few key items that help fight the spread of the virus, including hand sanitizer, facemasks and cleaning wipes.

So far, Asiyah and Javed have spent about £2,000 (that's equal to approx. $2,500) of their own money to purchase supplies for over 500 kits. The kits are then delivered to older people who can't leave their homes or have been finding empty shelves at all of the nearby stores.

Shop owners Asiyah and Javed pack Covid-19 kits to give away to elderly people in their village. The Independent screenshot

Even though there are currently no confirmed cases of coronavirus in their town, Asiyah says it's best to be prepared when it arrives.

"I started stockpiling hand gel when I heard about coronavirus, from the cash and carry," Asiyah told The Scottish Sun. "People thought I was going to sell them, but I had this [free distribution] in my mind. I thought 'it's time to give now', not when coronavirus is here."

Asiyah started stockpiling supplies when she first heard about the coronavirus outbreak. DAY TODAY Express/Facebook

Asiyah knew the need was there when she met a woman who was crying because she had been to the supermarket and there was no hand soap left on the shelves.

"Some people are asking for [the kits] to be delivered as they're old, or disabled, or don't drive," Asiyah noted. "We are just trying to help people who can't get out the house."

While Asiyah and Javed know that they are losing money from giving away the kits, they're more concerned with the well-being of people in their community.

"Other shoppers are calling us stupid, and saying 'why are you giving them away for free?'" she said. "But money is not everything, there will be the opportunity to make money in future."

Shop owners Asiyah and Javed have spent thousands to make sure the elderly people in their community are taken care of. DAY TODAY Express/Facebook

The couple says they're reminded of their own grandparents when they see how tough the threat of the virus has been on elderly people.

"We spent a lot of time with our grandparents and we feel that if they were alive we wouldn't want them to be struggling," Asiyah said.

What an amazing act of kindness! Kudos to Asiyah and Javed for going the extra mile (literally!) to help vulnerable people in their community.

Asiyah and Javed have delivered over 500 kits to elderly people in their community. The Independent screenshot

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the couple's incredible act of kindness? You might not be able to spend thousands of dollars like they did, but you can reach out to vulnerable people in your community to make sure they're ok.

If you have elderly neighbors, maybe make it a point to check in on them. You can drop off some supplies (like hand sanitizer or toilet paper), or offer to pick up some groceries for them if needed. Even just a friendly hello can make a big difference to those who are isolated and may be feeling extra lonely and afraid during the coronavirus scare.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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