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See The Genius Way A YouTube Star Made His Son's Birthday Wish Come True

He might just win 'Dad of the Decade' for this quarantine hack - and the best part is, you can try it at home!

It's no secret that the coronavirus lockdown has been hard on everyone, but we often forget how tough it can be on the little ones.

I have a three-year-old daughter, and while I've tried to explain to her that we have to stay home so that we don't get sick or make anyone else sick, she still isn't sure why she can't go to the playground or see her friends anymore.

Mark Hoyle, a dad in Hertfordshire, England, had a similar experience when his four-year-old son wanted to go to McDonald's for his birthday meal. When the boy learned the fast food chain was closed due to the coronavirus he was upset, so Hoyle thought of a creative way to bring the 'Golden Arches' to him.

Hoyle, also known by his Internet nickname 'LadBaby,' is no stranger to creating viral moments. The 32-year-old husband and father of two is famous for sharing his clever life hacks in YouTube videos, a lot of which involve his family.

Hoyle, or LadBaby, became an internet sensation after posting his funny YouTube hacks.LadBaby/Facebook

So, when it came to making his son happy on his birthday, Hoyle pulled out all the stops.

In a video that Hoyle later shared to his social media pages, he asks Freddie if he still wants McDonald's for his birthday. When the toddler excitedly says yes, Hoyle's wife Roxanne shoots him a concerned look.

"How are you going to go to McDonald's? It's shut?" she asks.

"McDonald's has come to us!" a hopeful Hoyle says in response.

Hoyle's wife Roxanne was less than sure about her husband's crazy plan to bring McDonalds to them. YouTube

Hoyle tells the two to go upstairs for a bit so that he can complete the surprise. When he calls them back downstairs, Freddie opens the door to see the floor has been taped off to make a "road" that leads around the room to the TV, and on to a waiting area.

Freddie excitedly hops into his toy car and scoots to the TV to place his 'order.'

Hoyle appears in the simulation video as a McDonald's drive-through attendant. YouTube

To simulate a real drive-through window, Hoyle created a video that shows a car pulling up to a real McDonald's drive-through lane. After Freddie gives his order, he's instructed to go to the window where his own dad appears on the TV as the fast food attendant.

Hoyle then tells Freddie to park to the designated waiting area, where a few moments later, he appears out of the kitchen wearing a homemade McDonald's uniform, happy meal in hand.

Hoyle even made his own McDonald's 'uniform' out of a polo shirt and yellow tape. YouTube

The box excitedly opens the happy meal box, which includes a toy, chicken nuggets and a handful of French fries – just like the real thing.

"What's it taste like?" Roxanne asks Freddie as he chews on his fries. "Good!" he said.

Never one to have too much of a good thing, Hoyle insists that Roxanne take a turn at the drive-through. After she places her order Hoyle shows up a second time with a to-go meal and ice cream for his wife.

Freddie got his Happy Meal after all - complete with a toy! YouTube

What a creative way to bring the outside world indoors. Kudos to Hoyle for going the extra mile to make his son smile on his birthday, and all the parents (including the dad in the story below) who are going that extra mile to bring joy to shelter-at-home.

How can you start something good?

Inspired by LadBaby's incredible surprise he made for his son?

Hoyle posted the drive-through simulation video to his YouTube channel so that anyone can use it to recreate their own fast food experience at home. You just have to make your own happy meals.

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