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How'd She Do That!? Watch An Artistic Grandma 'Stretch' Herself To Bring Smiles To Others

She started a project to keep in touch with her grandchildren. Now people from all over are sharing her artwork. You've got to see it!

People are passing time during the coronavirus quarantine in their own unique ways.

Aside from writing stories for Sparkt, I've been spending most of my days doing puzzles with my daughter and indulging in embarrassing amounts of chocolate and wine.

Others are using their time off to work on their creative hobbies, including Kathy Wood from Marietta, GA.

Wood has been making chalk drawings in her neighborhood to give her something to do, and to also lift people's spirits during the lockdown. The sketches Woods makes are of colorful, whimsical scenes that she becomes a part of after she draws them.

The artistic grandma has drawn herself dunking a basketball, fishing from a pier and shooting herself from a cannon. When she's finished with a scene, Wood's husband photographs them out of a third -story window, looking straight down.

Wood started posting the photos on Facebook to share with her neighbors and friends, who she hasn't seen much since the epidemic started.

"I expected to just get a little chuckle out of people, for them to laugh at me," Wood told "But now people have been sharing them all over and I'm hearing from a lot of people that they were looking forward to them every day."

Wood has lived in Marietta, GA for 33 years, and while she's not a professional artist, she has always kept it up as a hobby. She has sold several paintings to her friends and family, "mostly [pictures] of their dogs."

Wood's grandchildren live nearby, but due to social distancing, she has only seen them once during the past few months when they picked up their Easter baskets from her driveway. She says the drawings are a way to communicate with them and send a positive message.

Kathy and her husband Jerry pose with their grandchildren, who they haven't seen lately due to social distancing.Kathy Place Wood/Facebook

"It's been sad, but I did this so I could hear from them and what they thought," Wood said. "My grandkids have even started drawing little pictures in their driveway. It's just become a really fun thing."

She completes some of her drawings rather quickly, while others, like one where she's feeding a giraffe, take hours to do. Wood has been able to find discounted chalk on Ebay and she said she's had to get creative to finish some of the details.

"You can't get black chalk anywhere, so I had to use a piece of charcoal briquette," she said.

What an inspiring way to spread joy during a dark and scary time. We can't wait to see what adventures Woods will draw herself into next!

Artistic Grandma Makes Chalk Drawings To Bring Cheer During Coronavirus

Wood places herself in each of her drawings.

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Woods' amazing creativity?

You might not be able to create art masterpieces with sidewalk chalk, but you can use your talents to spread joy in other ways.

Have a knack for baking? You can make cookies for isolated senior citizens in your neighborhood. Know any good jokes? Share them in a YouTube video. There are plenty of ways to use your own talents to bring happiness to others – you just have to be open to the opportunity.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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