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Second Grader Collects 6K Medical Supply Items For Local Hospital

Wait until you hear how he's paying it forward to the place that saved his life.

Zohaib Begg is no stranger to hospitals. He had major surgery when he was four years old to remove a tumor from his abdomen. Over the next three years, he had regular appointments with a hematologist to make sure the tumor didn't return. Just last year, Zohaib, now 7, got a clean bill of health from the doctor.

So when he heard that healthcare workers were scrambling to find enough supplies to protect themselves while treating patients with coronavirus, he knew he had to help.

Zohaib had the idea to go to hotels in his hometown of Ashburn, VA to gather shower caps that could be donated to the hospital for the medics to use as hair covers.

Turns out, Zohaib's idea was a good one.

Last week, the second grader, along with his mother, Isma Zubair, took two days to visit a handful of hotels to collect donations.

Not only did the hotels have shower caps they were happy to part with, but they also gave Zohaib boxes of face masks and gloves – all supplies that are in high demand at hospitals due to the spread of Covid-19.

Zohaib collected donations from local hotels to donate to Inova Fairfax Hospital in VA. c/o Isma Zubair

Overall, Zohaib collected over 6,000 items that could be used to protect nurses and doctors who are on the frontlines fighting the virus.

He plans to donate the items to Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia, the same place he had his surgery four years ago.

"He's lived there and gotten care there. His hematologist who cared for him was there," Zohaib's mother told Patch.com. "He chose to donate locally to that hospital because he's a patient of that hospital. He was motivated to give back there."

Zohaib's act of generosity even got the attention of Barack Obama!

They family said they could have gotten more masks, but some hotels wouldn't give them supplies without an official letter from Inova Fairfox stating that they were collecting donations on behalf of the hospital.

Now that they've made such a sizable donation, they're hoping the hospital will give them the letter so they can do more.

"If the hotels could partner with the hospitals, it could help relieve the shortage of these types of PPE (personal protective equipment)," Isma said.

Zohaib is hoping that other people will take his lead and reach out to hotels in their own cities to collect donations. They do recommend first getting a letter from the facility they intend to donate to, saying that they're volunteers and collecting needed items on their behalf.

Zohaib hopes that other children will follow his lead and collect donations in their communities. c/o Isma Zubair

We love hearing stories about young people doing good things in their communities. We're sure the hospital workers at Fairfax Inova hospital will be thrilled to have more supplies on hand to fight the virus.

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Zohaib's incredible act of kindness?

You can gather donations from hotels and other places in your community, just like he did. Just be sure to get a letter from the place you intend to give the donations to that states you're collecting items on their behalf.

If you're not sure where to drop off the supplies you collect, you can check out this website to find a donation site near you.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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