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Sanitation Worker's Kind Act Caught on Camera

When one of his customers got hurt while taking out her trash, he made it a point to check in on her.

Sometimes it's the smallest acts of kindness that matter most.

That's certainly the case for 88-year-old Opal Zucca and her daughter, Colette Kingston, of Independence, MO.

Zucca has dementia, and Kingston installed a Ring security camera on her house so that she can keep an eye on her when she's not around.

Last week, Kingston noticed some movement on the camera and saw her mother talking with a sanitation worker in front of her house. She watched as the worker took Opal's arm in his and guided her up the driveway. He carried her trash can in his other arm.

"A little walking ain't never hurt nobody," the man is heard saying in the video.

(Source: Colette Kingston Facebook )

Kingston said the kind gesture made her emotional.

"He was bringing up her trash can and just helping her walk up the driveway," Kingston told FOX4-TV . "It made me teary-eyed to see that someone would be so compassionate and caring."

She said she had seen the worker before on the camera, but never really paid attention to it. After her mother fell and hit her head when fetching her garbage can from the driveway last January, the same man has made it a point to check on her every week.

Zucca (pictured below with Shelby) said she says a prayer for the man every time she sees him.

"He's just a very wonderful person," she said. "I really appreciate him."

Kingston wanted to thank the man for his kindness, but first she had to find out his name. She shared the video to Facebook with an explanation of what happened and how much the family appreciated the kind gesture. The video received hundreds of comments and shares, and Kingston found out that the man's name was Billy Shelby.

Once they found out who the man in the video was, FOX4KC followed up with another story . While Shelby (pictured below) was humbled by all the attention, he said he was "just doing his job."

Shelby has been working for Waste Management for over four years, and he says his friendship with Zucca started after she fell in January.

"I made it a point to make sure that didn't happen again," he said. "So I started taking her cart back to her house."

When Kingston and her family finally got the chance to thank Shelby in person, there were lots of smiles and hugs.

"Here it is, I drive a trash truck. That's it, right?" Shelby said. "But, even with that being said I can still be the best person I can be, and can help someone through their day."

Shelby is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, and after hearing the story on Fox, former player Tim Grunhard gave him two tickets to an upcoming game - all just for being his kind self.

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(Source: images FOX4KC-TV )

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