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Restaurant Opens Early To Serve Young Cancer Patient

When they heard the little girl's wish, they pulled out all the stops for a very special meal.

Adelaide Stanley loves to go to lunch every Sunday with her family. They always go the same place, J. Wilson's in Beaumont, TX. It's her favorite.

J. Wilson's/Facebook

Adelaide recently turned three years old. After her mother Vanlam Nguyen took her to her yearly doctor's appointment, the pediatrician recommended Adelaide take some tests after finding red spots on her body.

The toddler started cancer treatment two days later.

Since Adelaide's immune system was so weak, the doctors recommended they avoid contact with others as much as possible.

"We went from hugging everyone to being a germaphobe, so we don't bring anything home to her," Nguyen told CNN. "We stopped doing what we do as a family."

Vanlam Nguyen/Facebook

About a month ago, Adelaide asked if they could go to J. Wilson's for lunch, like they used to before she got sick. Her parents, heartbroken, told her that they couldn't go now, but promised they would when she got better.

When Nguyen told a friend about her daughter's request, she reached out to J. Wilson's to see what they could do for the family.

The staff quickly agreed to open the restaurant an hour early so that Adelaide could come eat with her family, and avoid the crowds.

"We didn't have to think twice about it," J. Wilson's manager Paula Breaux said.

Not only did J. Wilson's open early, but they decorated the family's table with the toddler's favorite color, pink. They also had her favorite meal ready for her – a warm plate of biscuits.

Vanlam Nguyen/Facebook

To top it off, the restaurant paid for the entire meal.

"I was ready to pay for the bill, but it was already taken care of," Nguyen said. "I can't explain how much this means to me, her dad and her sister."

Nguyen later shared a heartfelt post to Facebook and about their experience at J. Wilson's.

The post quickly drew likes and comments from people all over the world who praised the restaurant for their kind gesture and provided encouragement for Adelaide, who's continuing her cancer treatment.

John Traster wrote: "Wonderful gesture J. Wilson's. Thank you. Sending get well soon prayers out to the little girl so that she can return to her favorite place. 🙏🙏🙏"

"This makes me love J. Wilson's even more than I already do. Incredible gesture from a hometown, family restaurant. You don't get this from a chain!" Carina Kirk commented.

What an awesome way to show support for a sick little girl and her family. We're sure that J. Wilson's will have a lot more repeat customers now, thanks to their incredible act of kindness.

How can you start something good?

Do you know someone who is sick and stuck at home? Maybe they're battling serious illness like little Adelaide and been told to stay away from crowds. A card, phone call or visit (if allowed) would certainly boost their spirits. Bring along some homemade cookies or soup, maybe a book, magazine, puzzle book or plant to bring cheer even after you're gone. You'll be making a difference in their lives -- and maybe yours too!

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