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Residents Pay Tribute To Firefighters Who Saved Their Town

They wanted to thank the people who worked around the clock to save their town from total devastation.

Even with the smell of smoldering wildfires still lingering in the air, residents of Windsor, CA came together on Sunday to celebrate the heroes who saved their town from the blaze.

Windsor is no stranger to the threat of fire. The town is only a few miles north of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, where fires wiped out the Coffey Park and Fountaingrove neighborhoods in October 2017. This time, however, the community of about 27,000 people was in the direct path of the Kincade Fire, which has burned over 77,000 acres and is currently 80% contained.

"When I was first briefed that the fire was going to come down and basically decimate Windsor, I was fully expecting that we were going to be another Coffey Park," Windsor councilwoman Esther Lemus told the crowd that gathered at the Town Green on Sunday. "We were bracing ourselves for the worst. We were certain we were going to lose our town."

But, the crisis was averted thanks to the efforts and preparation of fire fighters and emergency responders who came together from all over the country. Most of the town's residents left their homes the week before, a result of the largest evacuation effort the city has ever seen, and Sunday's gathering was a chance for them to thank those who made it possible for them to have a home to come back to.

The location for the event also serves as the weekly farmer's market, and while there were a few local vendors selling their goods, the main attraction was the crew of local firefighters and first responders who mingled with the crowd and got hugs and high-fives from local residents. Whey they took the stage, the town erupted into cheers and waved homemade signs with hearts and messages of thanks - some included the hashtag #WindsorTogether, a message of shared strength within the community.

During the event, the crowd of over 4,000 gathered together for a massive group photo, which a brave volunteer took from a crane raised 50 feet into the air. The city plans to frame and send the photo as a thank you to all of the agencies that came together to help put out the fires.

Check out the moment when the massive crowd gathered for a photo...

(Source: News of the North Bay Facebook )

The mayor of Windsor, Dominic Foppoli, addressed the community and gave an emotional speech about the chain of events that led to the heroic rescue of their town.

"I watched as the firefighters risked their lives and fought house to house. Our own chief at one point used a garden hose and a fire extinguisher from his own truck to fight a fire at a house," he said. "They saved not a little bit, not most of it. They saved every single home in our town."

Check out more of the mayor's speech below...

(Source: News of the North Bay Facebook )

Along with the outpouring of support for the firefighters, the town had a fall costume parade for the children of the town to take part in. We'll give you one guess as to what the most popular costume was.

(Source: Windsor Regional Library Facebook )

You can still support victims of the northern California wildfires by donating to the American Red Cross . You can also call 1-800-RED CROSS, or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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