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Quarantined 10-Year-Old Gets Unforgettable Birthday Surprise

When his original plans got canceled, some very special guests stopped by to brighten his day.

As the nation enters another week of self-quarantine, parents are dealing with the added stress of being cooped up with their children all day long.

If that wasn't reason enough to go a little stir-crazy, some are faced with the task of canceling their kiddos' birthday festivities. And, let's be honest – Zoom parties don't quite cut it.

That's what the Lim-Healy family faced this week when they had to break the bad news to their son Kieran that they weren't going to Legoland to celebrate his 10th birthday as planned.

Kieran was supposed to celebrate his 10th birthday at Legoland in southern California. SFFD/Facebook

Thankfully, the boy's disappointment didn't last long.

On Tuesday, members of the San Francisco Fire Department pulled up to the Lim-Healy's house for a surprise visit. Turns out, a family friend works for the department and had planned an extra-special birthday treat for Kieren.

The crew parked the truck right in the street in front of Kieren's house, and the family watched in amazement as the firefighters extended the ladder to reach over 100 feet in the air. After a few moments, another firetruck and a paramedic ambulance joined the 'parade' in front of the family's home.

Wow! We bet none of Kieren's friends had firetrucks at their birthday!SFFD/Facebook

"Now that's a cool birthday present," Kieren's dad Tim said in a Facebook Live video he recorded from the family's front porch.

The firefighters even gave Kieren a few gifts, all while wearing masks and following proper social distancing rules.

"Who cares about Legoland?" Kieren's mother joked as her son opened the presents the firefighters brought.

Kieran and his younger brother seemed stunned as the firefighters boarded the trucks and drove off.

The Lim-Healy family talks with the SFFD members after their awesome suprise. SFFD/Facebook

"What do you think?" Tim asked.

Hi son gave a thumbs up. "Perfect!"

The fire department later shared a few photos to their Facebook page: "When members of #SFFDFS15 learned that 10 YO Keiran's birthday was going to be held virtually, they wanted to make it a bit more memorable," they wrote.

I think it's safe to say that Kieran will remember this birthday forever. Kudos to the SFFD for taking the time out of their day to make a young boy feel special on his big day!

How can you start something good?

While you might not be able to get the fire department to come by and surprise your kiddos on their birthdays, you can think of out-of-the-box ways to celebrate special occasions. You can ask friends and loved ones to drive by for a 'parade,' or you can ask people to send digital gifts and cards.

We love this story about a group of friends who held a surprise 'social distance' bridal shower for their friend.

It just takes a little bit of creativity to #StartSomethingGood!

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