Potato Patch Cheese Formula Change Fries Fans

Pittsburgh's Kennywood Park going back to original cheese sauce after social media backlash.

Kennywood Park's Nick Paradise says sometimes when he takes people on tours of the iconic amusement park outside Pittsburgh, he'll say with a straight face "here's our number one ride" when he walks past the Potato Patch french fry stand.

"We're all united by fresh cut fries." Nick Paradise, Kennywood Park

So Nick wasn't completely surprised when controversy erupted on social media--like boiling nacho sauce--over the decision to change the formula of the cheese sauce workers put on the Potato Patch fries.

"I am rarely surprised by the amount of attention that anything gets at Kennywood because of our history," Paradise told KDKA radio's John Shumway. "I'm a Pittsburgher and I know how much the park means to everyone, so the passion is rarely surprising."


It appears some die-hard Kennywood season ticket holders noticed that the cheese wasn't the same and started a drumbeat of dissatisfaction on social media.

It didn't take long for Kennywood to take notice.

Nick explained to John that every year, their food and beverage team reviews all the products that will be used in their parks the next season.

The team made a decision to standardize the use of the same cheese product throughout the company's chain of parks, which includes nearby Sandcastle water park, and Idlewild amusement park in Ligonier, PA.

"Our guests, they know what's going on. We've been open three weekends now and we got the feedback that people really weren't enjoying it" on the fries.

Nick says based on guest feedback they're bringing back the old cheese formula.

"It will be back as soon as we can get it delivered, to slide right between the french fries and the chunks of bacon as always."

Perhaps a bigger issue: when will the new Steel Curtain roller coaster open in the park's new Steelers Country?

Nick won't commit, but did say that they're getting close to announcing that construction is complete on the 220 foot high, 4000 foot, 76 mph coaster with 9 inversions. After that testing begin. The ride is expected to open sometime this season, the newest attraction at the 119-year old park.

The first cars for the new Steel Curtain roller coaster arrived this week.

(Images: Kennywood Facebook page )

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