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Positivity Times Two! Twin Sisters Team Up To End Period Poverty In Their Community

When they learned that some families couldn't afford feminine hygiene products, they came up with a solution.

Thirteen-year-old twin sisters Brooke and Breanna Bennett have had a busy summer. When they're not swimming, dancing or running, they're working on making a difference in their community, one "WITKIT" at a time.

Brooke and Breanna were inspired to start a non-profit group called "Women In Training" after their mother, who's a school teacher, told them about young women at her school who asked her for sanitary products because they couldn't afford to buy any themselves.

Brooke and Breanna got the idea to start Women In Training after their mother, Adeyela, told them about young women in her class who couldn't afford to buy their own hygiene products. Women In Training - WIT/Facebook

After looking into the issue further, the girls found out that one in five American girls and non-binary youth skip school or work because they can't afford proper menstrual hygiene products to stay healthy and clean when they get their monthly periods.

So, they decided to do something about it.

In 2019, Brooke and Breanna started Women In Training in their hometown of Montgomery, AL to engage the youth and advocate for menstrual equity and education. WIT's main focus is providing "WITKITS" to those who need them. The kits are canvas bags filled with various hygiene products, like tampons and pads, soap, toothbrushes, fuzzy socks and other comforting items. Each bag also contains a handmade bracelet that offers a message of encouragement.

"You can't tell your period, like, 'Don't come, I can't afford the supplies,' right? And so we want to donate these menstrual hygiene products to the girls in need. So they won't have to spend money that they don't really have," Breanna explained to GoFundMe.

Along with assembling and passing out WIT kits, the group offers educational resources on women's health and social justice issues. Women In Training - WIT/Facebook

The need for WIT's services has ramped up in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a nationwide shortage of feminine hygiene products. This inspired Brooke and Breanna to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to assemble as many kits as possible. They also plan to add items like hand sanitizer and handmade masks to the bags to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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WIT has already distributed hundreds of kits to students and organizations in their own city, and they have plans to expand their reach to other states soon.

The need for WIT's services has increased dramatically since the coronavirus pandemic caused a shortage of hygiene products in stores. Women In Training - WIT/Facebook

"For us, it just feels really nice that we have the privilege to make someone's life a little bit better," Brooke said. "And since it's [during] COVID-19, I feel like that's kind of when they need it most. So it makes me super happy to see their faces when we give them WITKITs because they're super happy, especially when they look in the bags and see that they have everything they need."

The girls hope their project will inspire other young people to step up when they see injustices happening in their communities and work toward making positive changes.

Brooke and Breanna hope their work inspires others to take action and speak up about injustices. Women In Training - WIT/Facebook

"If you see anything wrong in your community, speak up about it and try to educate people," Breanna said. "And if you have the resources, I think you should definitely just go for whatever you're doing to better the community."

How can you start something good?

Feeling inspired?

To learn more about Women In Training, you can visit their website.

You can help Women In Training keep their mission going by contributing to their GoFundMe campaign.

For other ways to get involved, click here.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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