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Politics Don't Matter When You're Helping Someone

After hearing about her need, Guy Reschenthaler made a special delivery.

Ya know I have a radio talk show? Well, I do. There's Trump talk and Biden talk. That talk is cheap.

What matters happened one Friday afternoon. It's my sweet spot. It's why I love my job.Why I created GetMarty .

It was 3:08 p.m. The time will make a difference in a minute.

My partner, Wendy Bell, also a talk host, read an email on the air. It was from a listener:

I'm 85 years old. I live in Washington County. I need help. Every time it rains hard, I must close all of my windows. If I don't, everything gets wet. It's awful. When I close the windows, it gets so hot, I can't sleep. I can't do anything. I'm poor. Can you please help me get a window air conditioner? Thank you.

At 3:11 p.m., I got a text on my cell phone. It came from Guy Reschenthaler . Ya know him? Trouble pronouncing his last name?

He's a U.S. Congressman. He's a Republican. He represents the 14th Congressional district , which includes all or parts of four counties south and east of Pittsburgh.. He represents more than 600-thousand people.

He's an Iraq War veteran. An attorney. He prosecuted terrorists in Iraq. He really did. When he came back home, he became a local Magistrate Judge. That's where I met him. Anytime I called him, he helped folks who came to me with a legal problem. He's just a good guy.

So, at 3:11, three minutes after Wendy read the email, the Congressman's text to me read, Marty, I'll get her one. Heard the segment. She lives in my district. Done deal! His next text read, We'll connect with her fast and get her an air conditioner as soon as possible.

He didn't ask her political party. He didn't ask who she voted for. He didn't ask her income level. He just bought her an air conditioner. In fact, he didn't want publicity for the gesture.

I had to call him to tell him that folks need to know how much our local politicians care about local people. Guy took a moment to tell me how Washington, D.C. is broken. It's broken baldly. He talked about partisan bickering. He talked about the difficulty of rising above the stench. He talked about nothing getting done. Too bad right?

He mentioned the grassroots stuff he likes most. It's the stuff I like most. The air conditioner in the window kinda stuff. It was Abraham Lincoln who said, America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroy ourselves.

Destroyed from within by bickering and backroom politics. Or we can re-invent ourselves.�We can look past political party. We can help each other every day.

Maybe you know someone who needs an air conditioner. I know a Congressman who can get you one in three minutes. Thanks Congressman Reschenthaler! You get it! Remember here at Sparkt can start something good.

How can you start something good?
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