Police Officers Partner With Shelter To Help Dogs Get Adopted

By taking the pups out on the town, they're helping them find their furr-ever homes.

Everyone knows how much dogs love riding in cars. But getting to cruise around town in a cop car? That's taking it to the next level.

The Toledo Police Department in Ohio has partnered with Lucas County Canine Care & Control (LC4) as part of their 'Dogs on the Town' program that encourages people to take the dogs out in the community to increase the animals' chances of getting adopted.

LC4 started the program earlier this year to get the dogs out of their shelter cages for a while and to spread awareness about the many animals they have available for adoption.

Officer Andrew Dlugosielski poses with Feliz the shelter dog. Toledo Police Department/Facebook

The program is called "DOTT with a Cop," and the shelter has already sent a few pups out with police officers for play dates.

"We have a very big social media platform," Andrew Dlugosielski, assistant public information officer, told NBC 24. "Chief Kral is very big on community policing and getting out in the community and we thought what better way than to partner with their DOTT program?"

One of the first dogs TPD took out, a pit bull mix named Princess, was quickly adopted – but not before she was spoiled with treats and belly rubs by the officers.

The "DOTT with a Cop" program spreads awareness about animals that are available for adoption. Toledo Police Department/Facebook

"We both reach kind of a different audience so by sharing and having this partnership, we're reaching way more people out in our community," said Cassie Bloomfield, community outreach coordinator for LC4..

The officers have pledged to take a different dog "out on the town" every week with stops in different neighborhoods and local businesses.

"There's a lot of dogs here that are always up for adoption and sometimes they might have a negative connotation with people that they're a dog that's in a shelter, maybe it's been through something bad or maybe it's just the breed they don't understand," Dlugosielski said. "Taking a dog like that out in the community shows people that these are normal dogs, these are loving dogs, they're just looking for a home too and they're a perfect fit from anywhere."

Feliz enjoys a ride in a TPD squad car. Toledo Police Department/Facebook

Eventually, the officers hope to take the dogs to visit schools in the area to teach kids the proper way to interact with animals and to not be afraid of them.

What a sweet way to help the dogs find their "furr-ever" homes. Thanks to the Toledo Police Department for stepping outside their roles to help animals in their town.

The TPD will take a new dog out each week to visit different parts of the community. Toledo Police Department/Facebook

How can you start something good?

You can keep up with DOTT with a Cop by following the Toledo Police Department on Facebook.

If you're interested in adopting any of the dogs featured in the program, you can visit the shelter at 410 S. Erie St. or call 419-213-2800.

If you're not in the Toledo area, you can click here to find the animal shelter closest to you. Or, check out and search for your new best friend from the comfort of your couch.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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