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Police Deliver Boy a Real Basektball Hoop

A sharp-eyed officer with a soft heart made a young boy's day -- probably his year -- with an act of kindness

Police officer Kevin Williams was making his neighborhood rounds in Ashland, Kentucky one day recently, when he saw a boy who clearly wasn't letting a lack of resources keep him from practicing his three-pointer.

That boy was 11-year old TiShawn Parsely. His homemade hoop was crafted, with the help of his grandfather, from some plywood and a milk crate, and attached to a post outside his house. While officer Williams appreciated the boy's ingenuity, he thought this aspiring baller needed a real hoop.

Williams told television station WOWK he snapped a picture of the makeshift hoop with his phone, shared it with some of his fellow officers, and they decided to partner with the local Wal-Mart to get TiShawn a real basketball set up. The TV station says the officers surprised him with it when he stepped off the bus earlier this week, basketball in hand. "He didn't know what to think at first, you know, there's four cops standing, police officers standing outside of his house so he didn't know what to think," Officer Demarius Gulley told the TV station.

"You try to do nice stuff for the children so they can see you in a positive note." Officer Richard Bohannon, Ashland Police Department.

The police department posted a shot of the three officers (L-to-R, Williams, Bohannon, and Gulley) with TiShawn on their Facebook page.

In just a few days, the post has gone viral. As of this writing, the post had nearly 5000 likes, nearly 2000 shares, a more than 300 comments, all of them positive.

"He's a talented athlete," said Officer Williams, who promised to come back soon for a pickup game.

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