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Picnic Tables For What? How Two Teens Are Staying Busy And Bringing Joy To Others

They wanted a productive way to pass the time and make people smile during the pandemic – now people and animals are going 'nuts' for their product!

Some people are spending their time in quarantine learning a new hobby or perfecting one they already had. Others, like myself, are just trying to maintain their sanity.

Two teenagers in Boise, ID are getting crafty with their time off and have started making picnic tables for squirrels to bring smiles to others in their community.

Yes, you read that right. Picnic tables. For Squirrels.

The tables have a place where you can attach a snack for the squirrels, like an apple or an ear of corn. Idaho Squirrel Picnics/Facebook

Jack England and Ryan Bohr, who are neighbors, should be enjoying their junior year at Rocky Mountain High School. Instead, they're studying at home, and in their spare time, constructing tiny wooden picnic tables in Ryan's garage. They got the idea from Ryan's mother.

"My mom wanted one for Mother's Day, and she kept bugging me about it and wanting one," Ryan told KTVB-TV. "She saw a picture online and she said I really want one of those!"

So, the boys got to work and came up with a simple model using scrap wood and a few nails. The tables include a place where you can attach food for the bushy-tailed critters, like an ear of corn or some fruit.

Jack England (L) and Ryan Bohr (R) have been building squirrel picnic tables since they've been home from school due to the coronavirus pandemic. Idaho Squirrel Picnics/Facebook

Ryan's mom loved the table so much that Jack and Ryan decided to make a few more for their neighbors.

"They looked great, and we had an extra, so we gave it to a neighbor across the street. They ended up loving it," Jack said.

The boys decided to keep making the tables and giving them away to anyone who wanted one. They say the tables give people who are stuck inside all day something to look at – and laugh about.

"Since people are loving this so much, we thought we can make more," Jack said. "People aren't in the greatest of situations right now, and they might need something like that, something to keep them happy."

So far, Jack and Ryan have made almost 200 squirrel picnic tables. They sold some of the tables on Facebook marketplace for $25 each, but the bulk have been donated to elderly residents and nursing homes in their community. The boys are also giving 10% of their sales this week to Idaho Gives.

"Since there is the lockdown, the quarantine, some people can't even go outside. So, just to be able to donate some and make sure people can be happy - that's all that matters!" Ryan said.

The boys have been installing the squirrel tables at nursing homes to bring cheer to the residents. Idaho Squirrel Picnics/Facebook

While humans are getting a kick out of the tables, Jack and Ryan say the backyard critters are loving them, too.

Jack and Ryan created a Facebook group called "Idaho Squirrel Tables" that has been blowing up with requests for orders.

The page has also become an unofficial place for people in other parts of the country to share the fun they've been having with their own squirrel tables.

People from all over the country have been taking part in the new quarantine trend. Idaho Squirrel Picnics/Facebook

What a creative way to pass time during the pandemic and bring a lot of happiness to others in the process. Bonus: I know what I'm getting my mom for Mother's Day!

How can you start something good?

If you want to order a table or request a donation, you can contact Idaho Squirrel Tables on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also send an email to place an order:

If you're feeling crafty, you can even make your own squirrel table (we found a DIY video here).

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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