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People Are Dressing Up To Take Out Their Trash Bins And It's Incredibly Entertaining

Over a million people have joined an online group dedicated to the new activity. Has the world gone crazy or are we just that bored?

If you're anything like me, taking out the trash is a chore. Sometimes, I'll even forget to put the cans out like everyone else the night before, and I'll have to run out in my slippers when I hear the truck rumbling up the street.

It's certainly not something I look forward to. But, for a million or so folks in quarantine, trash day has become the most highly anticipated event of the week.

Thanks to shelter-in-place orders that have been established in most parts of the world to enforce social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, residents are finding that taking out their 'bins' is the only time they're leaving their homes.

People all over the world have been dressing up to take their trash bins out. Bin Isolation Outing/Facebook

That's what prompted Danielle Askew of Hervey Bay, Queensland, to dare a friend to get dressed up when she went to take the trash out.

"A friend posted on Facebook that she was excited because it was bin day and that it is an outing," Ms. Askew told ABC News Australia. "I said, 'I dare you to get dressed up' and she said, 'I will.'"

After that, Askew decided to return the dare and dressed up on trash day herself.

Askew, dressed as Elsa from the Disney film, "Frozen," carefully wheeled her garbage cans to the curb wearing a fancy blue gown and heels. She even placed a frilly tutu on her bin.

Askew dressed as Elsa from the Disney movie 'Frozen' when she took out her trash one week. Danielle Askew/Facebook

After that, Askew started a Facebook group called 'Bin Isolation Outing' to share her idea and help cheer people up during the quarantine.

At first, the group's only members were a few of Askew's friends from Hervey Bay, but the idea quickly caught on. Within a week, members from all over the world had joined and wanted to take part in the challenge.

Tik Tok video c/o @carmen_20_04

Posts have popped up from Norway to Fiji, all from strangers who wanted to dress up and share some laughs during the crisis. Mermaids, superheroes –even the "Bin Reaper"–have all been spotted taking out their trash.

"In normal times, when we weren't going through such a crazy experience, it probably wouldn't be quite as funny," one of the Australian members said of the project. "But because we are, and things are the way they are at the moment, it's just really hilarious."

Some folks are getting their families involved in the fun too. Danielle Askew/Facebook

While Askew never thought her idea would take off like this, she's happy to be able to provide a bit of comfort during such dark times.

"I have had a lot of people private message me, and also on the page, to say thank you so much," Askew said. "They were quite down and this has made them smile and laugh. So they say, 'thank you for bringing a little bit of light into the chaotic world we are in at the moment'."

People In Quarantine Dress Up In Costumes To Take Out Their Trash

Some people are using the bins to celebrate birthdays.

How can you start something good?

If you would like to take part in the fun, you can join the Bin Isolation Group on Facebook.

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