Partner Elizabeth Chiappetta Leads the Way for Women Attorneys of Robert Peirce & Associates

As the first female partner at Robert Peirce & Associates, Elizabeth (Liz) Chiappetta is hardworking and extremely intelligent and is best known for her strategic thinking, experience and talent.

In the opinion of those that work with Liz Chiappetta and the clients she serves, just being a woman is one of her strongest traits. She and six other female attorneys work together at the firm, leveraging their strengths to successfully support the needs of their clients.

These women attorneys are observant and smart, conscientious, dedicated, and empathetic as they navigate their clients through case issues that can present great emotional strain. The unique perspective they have as females is an added, powerful asset.

"In a time of 'me too' and other similar gender-specific issues focused on women, our clients sometimes look for a fellow female to represent them because of our innate connection and understanding of each other. They feel that we can appropriately address their concerns and gravitate toward our instinctive ability to nurture," said Chiappetta. "I strive to make clients comfortable and be as responsive as possible when they are dealing with a difficult legal situation, such as when the death of a loved one or life-changing accident is involved. Each of the women at our firm brings a unique talent to the office, and together I believe we are one of the best teams in the city."

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Chiappetta joined Robert Peirce & Associates in 2007, and her practice mainly focuses on nursing home abuse and personal injury cases.

"When I first met Liz, I was so impressed with her talent and knew it would be a short matter of time before we would invite her to join our team," said Founder Bob Peirce.

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Chiappetta is highly involved in several service organizations, including the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association (WPTLA), for which she served as President on its Executive Board. WPTLA supports the rights of injured people and hosts 5K runs and a wills clinic for indigents. It also donated $500,000 to the Steel Wheelers, an organization of athletes who compete in wheelchair sports activities around the country.

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Further ingraining herself into the national landscape of legal service organizations, Chiappetta assumed a high-profile position on the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) and is slated to become President for 2022–2023.

"My involvement in PAJ brings recognition to the firm and provides the unique advantage of collaboration related to cases with lawyers from around the state, allowing me to expand my case aptitude while growing my career and developing a multitude of professional and personal relationships."

Chiappetta is Co-Coordinator of the Long-Term Care Clinic, Pittsburgh Pro Bono Partnership. She has been a Super Lawyer Rising Star since 2013 and was inducted into the Academy of Trial Lawyers of Allegheny County in 2017.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Chiappetta attended an all-girls school, Nardin Academy. Her parents were involved in local politics, and through this exposure, she developed an interest in advocating for pro civil justice organizations and political candidates.

She attended Boston College, where she had the opportunity to work with Ted Kennedy and was drawn to the practice of law to help people. She then attended Duquesne School of Law, where she met her husband Timothy, who also is a lawyer. They reside in his hometown of Mt. Lebanon with their two sons.

"Liz has been an outstanding asset to our firm. Since my father established the firm in 1980, advocacy for our clients has been paramount. We have built a team that is dedicated to providing the legal services our clients need to move forward and recover. We are proud to introduce Liz and our remarkable team of women attorneys, as they are an integral part of why our clients lean on us. At Robert Peirce & Associates, we don't just represent you—we are you," said Managing Partner Rob Peirce.

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