PA Creates First Apprenticeship Program For Teachers

Set to launch in a district outside Philadelphia, it could expand across the state.

When you think of an apprenticeship, chances are you think of carpenters or plumbers or electricians. But Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf now wants you to think of teachers too. The state has announced the nation's first registered apprenticeship program for public school teachers. The apprenticeship will focus on applying technology to show students about growing industries and the skills they'll need to get a job in those industries.

"I'm proud that Pennsylvania has the first registered apprenticeship program for public school teachers in the country, said Governor Wolf. "The experience that teachers gain will help them connect the dots between their students, education, and growing careers."

The program focuses on teaching teachers technology that they can bring to the classroom

The Apprenticeship to Mastery Program for Public School Teachers (AMP) will launch in Norristown, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The program is a two-year non-traditional apprenticeship program for K-12 public school educators that will provide on-the-job training with Norristown Area School District and summer rotations at local businesses. Teachers will get related technical instruction in online courses toward a Master of Science degree in Education from Gwynedd Mercy University.

Expanding apprenticeships is a priority for Governor Wolf. The governor launched PAsmart last year to invest in job training and science and technology education. The governor is proposing an additional $10 million for PAsmart to boost career and technical education for adults as well as job training programs at companies.

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