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Our New Normal...Fear

Response to Marty's update on Living in Fear

The sobering reality of being murdered or your family and friends being murdered in a public space..a familiar place a church or even in your own home is enough to bring us to our knees and beg enough is enough. When are we going to learn that words have consequences? Words are powerful...Words insight emotions in us we didn't even know we had. When they are repeated over and over they plant seeds of doubt or rage or superiority...and if backed by social groups with an agenda then ugly stuff happens...Mass Murders. By home grown white middle class citizens. Not migrants or muslims or Jihadist..but by own American hands. We have given the murderers a platform by our words..No amount of guns or not guns will solve these problems of hate and entitlement. Before they end we need to find our kindness and compassion. We can't let the hate and entitlement steal everything we stand for. Stand up have a voice and take or country back.

How can you start something good?
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