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Neil Diamond, The Knack, And Some Regular Folks Create Hilarious Coronavirus Parody Songs

We all could use a laugh right now. Watch these folks get their creative juices flowing in the studio -- and their living rooms!

Yes. The coronavirus is serious. And yes, we should heed the experts' advice.

But my goodness, yes, as we approach the end of month two of stay-at-home because of The COVID, as we call it in our house, we need a reason laugh more than ever. And talented (or at least willing) people around the world are delivering, creating coronavirus parodies of well-known songs that are so clever they made me wish I had done them.

I saw this one featured on the New York Times and holy cow! YouTuber Sharon Luxenburg (with singer Miri Zhavi) dubs a scene from the 1991 Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. In this version, Belle strolls through town, oblivious to the pandemic, as fellow villagers ask her why she's not following rules like stay-at-home and social distancing.

As a closet disco fan, I really enjoyed this parody of the Bee Gees Stayin' Alive by a really talented guy named Brent McCollough and his friends. Enjoy their performance of Stayin' Inside:

Search the internet and you'll find multiple versions of My Sharona (Corona) including one that pokes some political fun, and another by two original members of The Knack. "Apparently there aren't enough," parodied versions of their song, deadpans guitarist Berton Avarre.

Neil Diamond doesn't want you "touching hands" before you wash them, in his parody of "Sweet Caroline."YouTube

Even Neil Diamond parodies his classic Sweet Caroline. What's fun is that it starts out like a normal acoustic version of the song until you get to "Hands... washing hands."

Then there are the videos that look homemade -- and meant to.

My friends Sarah Souri and her husband Ron Graczyk rocked out their inner disco, in their living room, in a version of one of my favorite KC and the Sunshine Band songs, Boogie Shoes.

Ron and Sarah show off their living room disco moves while Charlie the dog relaxes on the couch.Sarah Souri

Sarah is a psychotherapist and realized a couple of weeks into the quarantine that she wasn't taking the advice she was giving her clients in their virtual sessions. "I felt like I was personally hitting the a wall with the lockdown [and] it could help to find a creative outlet to keep busy and feel productive during during the quarantine," she said. Out of that realization (and with the help of the couple's friend, musician Brooke Hopkins), Corona Blues was born.

"We are obviously not professional musicians, but I think the words of the song (a light-hearted look at the challenges of being in quarantine with one's spouse) were relatable to a lot of folks," said Sarah, who said she's gotten lots of positive feedback on her Facebook page, especially the bloopers at the end. "I'm happy to know it made people laugh, since we all could use a laugh now more than ever."

We couldn't have said it better!

How can you start something good?

Making a parody or music video is a cool way to use your creativity and share a smile, but you don't have to get that heavy-duty to have the same effect.

What about creating some artwork to cheer up a friend or relative -- or even a stranger in a nursing home -- who is isolated by the quarantine? Here's a Pinterest link to ideas from people who are even getting their dogs involved, creating paw print paintings.

Get the rest of your family involved, think of a way to share your creativity, and we're sure you'll #StartSomethingGood!

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