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Mystery Man's Impromptu Performance Earns Him The Piano He'd Been Longing For

It took the whole city of Boston to find him! Watch the performance that started it all.

When John Thomas Archer walked into an antique store outside of Boston, little did he he know he would end up with a piano he always wished for, but couldn't afford.

Here's the back story.

Archer is a young architect who's also an amateur musician. When he visited Mark Water's family-owned shop, ReMARKable Cleanouts in Norwood, he saw the 'Do Not Play' sign on one of the pianos on display, but asked employee Melissa Rediker if he could play it anyway. When she said yes, Archer gave the other customers a show:

While customers stood around enjoying Archer's version of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, Rediker videotaped the performance. Eventually Archer left (without anyone getting his name) and Rediker posted the video to the store's Facebook page, never dreaming it would go viral.

When Archer sat down to play a piano in an antique shop, he never imagined it would eventually be his!ReMARKable Cleanouts/Facebook

People had all kinds of reactions. "This is a wonderful story in the midst of all these problems!" wrote Rita McLaughlin. Don ONeil agreed. "It was so nice to see a story like this for a change!!" Some suggested Waters hire the mystery performer to play in-store; some even offered to buy the piano for him. Waters decided he would give Archer the piano for free -- that is, if he could find him!

"He started playing and the place lit up!" Waters told CBS Boston. "We'll give him the piano. Bring the kid in! We'd be more than happy to bring it to him. We can't find him! Nobody knows who this young man was."

CBS Boston did a story on the mystery man and Archer's girlfriend saw it. "My girlfriend sent me a text that the media was looking for me," he said. "I didn't know so many people would be affected by watching me play. I am just baffled."

Archer says he always wanted a piano, but as a 23-year old student, there was no way he could afford one.ReMARKable Cleanouts/Facebook

Archer came back to ReMARKable Cleanouts to say thanks and perform an encore, a rendition of "All of Me" by John Legend. Waters has even pledged to help Archer find a way to get the piano up up the artist's fourth-floor apartment!

"He's a good young man and I'm glad he gets to have the piano," Waters said. "If it brings joy into his life, that brings joy into into my heart."

Mark Waters is getting lots of love too. "That's off to you sir for making this young man's day," Cheryl Vinci Hollander posted to the store's Facebook page. "Good deeds by good people. The world needs more people like you!" Amen to that!

John Thomas Archer and Mark Waters pose in front of the piano that Mark gave to John.ReMARKable Cleanouts/Facebook

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