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My motto, my Blood Type, B+ Be Positive.

Times flies and we all make mistakes along the way.

Marty and the Sparkt (ps I just added Sparkt to my dictionary so it is ok to use ) LOL . I just uploaded and now I am getting your information beyond the emails. Glad to become part of such a rich and diverse group in this community. I go back several years with Marty. Love him all the time; he fills a void left by another legend; Doug Hoerth. I go back to the old Ed and Wendy days. Close friend. She got me my first big job at AAA. I lost that job, and so much else in my life. Been up and down more than a steel tower elevator. Now 55 struggling to find a job I can do, a company that will hire me and to live for another 10 to 15 years. I have no insurance, no retirement, and very little money or time left unless things change. Maybe what I am doing is not right or working. But it is what I have done in the past. I have had some interviews, but they don't call me back. I have filled out tons of applications. There is a myriad of reasons, I am certain for the current condition of mine and so many others with experience in my age group. My motto is my Blood Type B+ (Be Positive). And that is how approach each day. As I did in the parking lot behind the Terminal Bldg in the Strip district for seven years. Closed now due to development. Two other guys needed jobs and I thought I was a shoe in one of two other new jobs. They fell through! Story of my Life and me & my ex-wife. I am a man, alone! I had another saying (you have a lot of sayings, thoughts and answers to life questions and meaning) when you sit in a parking lot for seven years. I accepted every year, make, model, style, package, accessory and color of vehicle; and the same for the folks inside. PEOPLE. I miss the daily interaction, the laughter, the stories and the banter. Yah, had a few bad moments; never a real bad day. Attempted robbery, getting beat-up, yelled at for making people pay that did not want to pay to park ...ect moments in time: not days of my life. No not days. Now, I count the days left in terms of money. Yes I screwed up did not invest, save, plan for retirement. I can only tell you if you have time to do so, please let me convince you to; SAVE the future is coming. It came so fast and changed subtly along a myriad of years in time. I can live on $1500 a month. I have enough for May, part of June and then I am done. Yes I will take something, but I am a believer that something is just around the corner. That's how $10,000 went over the last several months. It is not a lot by standards. $30k a year. Working since sixteen, some gaps and a diverse work background. Employable, Educable. But, I don't have a specific job description. Not and accountant, not a Salesman, ...ect. I service people, get things done, expedite and communicate. I will not lie or do the wrong thing; I have lost a job over that. I will take verble abuse, accusations and derogatory comments from a supervisor; I have lost a job over that. If anything this let me rant for a moment. I don't want a cake; I am a diabetic II. Maybe I should not have written this, but I did. Now it is time to go back looking at job sites. Thx SPARKT! you brightened my day. I will make it for many more. I will let you know what happens. All the Best. Big Johnny the Parking Guy.

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