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Mr. Good Deeds Helps, No Questions Asked

From donating a kidney to a stranger, to fixing someone's roof, Jon Potter is an extraordinary guy and he'll be telling his extraordinary stories here on Sparkt.

Look up the word selfless in the dictionary. A picture of Jon Potter appears. Not really. But it should. Let's start with the definition of selfless.

Self-less. Adjective. "Concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish."

My first text from Jon Potter was disconcerting. "Hey Marty. I'm in the hospital. I'll be out in an hour or two. I will give you a call back. I'm just having some pain, so getting it checked out. I'll be okay."

Turns out Jon Potter was in serious pain. Real pain. Side effects from a kidney transplant where he was the donor. As if that's not magnificent enough... Jon gave one of his kidneys to a stranger. A complete stranger. Jon saw a young girl on social media asking for a kidney for her father. Jon obliged. August 13th he gave his kidney to a fifty seven year old man. Saved his life. I asked Jon if he was done donating organs. "I don't know. I can still donate a portion of my liver." He's serious!

Four years ago, one random encounter changed Jon's life forever. He was filling up his car with gas. A woman walked up and asked him for a ride to a battered woman's shelter. He said no. "That was it. I got home and felt horrible." Pittsburgh Good Deeds was born.

Jon's web site lays it out. "Pittsburgh Good Deeds is about being that friend (that you haven't met yet) to lend you a hand to make your day a little easier and better." He does it all. Baby sitting, car repair, computer help, decks and porches, hair cuts, shoveling snow. You name it.

The last time we talked Jon was headed out to fix the roofs on two homes. Oh, and then tearing down an old above ground swimming pool. He's a Renaissance Handy Man. Along the way... he takes donations to pay his bills. He's also putting together a crew of hundreds of volunteers to help out. A "Handy Man's Army" of sorts.

"I'd love to work with Sparkt!" Jon Potter's words made my week. This "modern-day Mr. Rogers" as some call him, is joining forces with Sparkt. Mr. Good Deeds -- as we call him -- will be recording some of his good deeds and sharing them with us. Stay tuned here at Sparkt to see what he's up to and experience the difference he's making in the lives of others.

It was Sai Baba, regarded by his devotees as a saint, who said:

"Selfless service alone gives the needed strength and courage to awaken the sleeping humanity in ones heart." --Sai Baba

Jon Potter is special. So are you. We all have a little Jon Potter in us. I hope. Let's start something good together.

How can you start something good?
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