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Mother Helps Disabled Son Go Skateboarding for the First Time

It was her son's dream to go skateboarding. When she had an opportunity to make his wish come true, she took it.

It's true that most mothers will do anything for their children. In a video that is quickly spreading on social media, one mom proves that point to the fullest.

In the video, Avante Leãozinho pushes her young son, João Vicente, around a skate park in a mobile device that allows him to stand on a skateboard. The boy is held in place with bungee straps and a harness and his feet are strapped to a skateboard, so he's able to stay upright as he glides around the park.

According to the mother's Instagram post, (translated from Portuguese), "Vicente is 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. It has always been a dream of his to go skateboarding, and after several unsuccessful attempts using different methods, she was finally able to grant his wish - thanks to Skate Anima, a start-up company that builds adaptive mobility devices for disabled children."

"For children who have cerebral palsy, or any other kind of disability, having desires and dreams is not allowed," Leãozinho wrote in her post. "The world is always telling us no. We must not, we cannot, it will not work, there is no adaptation. We do not belong."

Leãozinho goes on to thank Skate Anima for coming up with the device. The two men who started the company, a physiotherapist and psychologist, also love skateboarding and are committed to making the sport available to everyone who wants to try it.

"Thank you @skate_anima for so much, always," Leãozinho wrote. "You deserve the world. Thank you for taking my lion for a ride."

And judging by the huge smile on the boy's face after using the device, it likely won't be his last trip around the skate park.

(Source: video @skate_anima )

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