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Mom’s Card Request For Quarantined Kids Gets Worldwide Love

Even during a time of crisis, people everywhere are choosing to spread kindness.

While people all over the world are doing their part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by self-isolating, we can't help but feel sorry for the people who have had to cancel weddings, anniversary celebrations, retirement parties and other big life events because of the virus.

This includes Mona Helgeland, a single mother of two in Norway whose two children were going to miss going out on celebrating their birthdays.

Helgeland, who has a painful spinal joint disorder called ankylosing spondylitis, was heartbroken that her two children would miss the chance to go out with family and friends and would instead be self-isolating at their home in Ålgård, a town in southwest Norway.

So, the 37-year-old turned to social media to help come up with ways to bring some happiness to Kristine, who will turn 17 on March 26, and son Vetle, who will be 14 on April 6.

People from all over the world sent birthday greetings to Mona Hegeland's children. Mona Sofie/Facebook

"They're so scared," Hegeland told AP News about how the virus was affecting her kids. "I wanted to do something to cheer them up."

Hegeland posted to several different Facebook groups including one called Random Acts of Kindness, describing the illness she has had for a decade, and how the isolation due to the spread of Covid-19 was hurting her family.

She included a few details about her children; that Kristine loves cows and the 'Outlander' TV show and that Vetle's favorirte cartoon is 'My Hero Academia.'

Soon after Hegeland created the post, birthday cards started pouring in. While she provided her address for people to physically mail cards, most posted photos of cards they made, each with a personal message of birthday cheer.

Hegeland's daughter even got a personal message from the London studio where her favorite Harry Potter movies were filmed.Mona Sofie/Facebook

One woman sent a photo from Canada with a life-sized wooden moose sculpture in the background. The message on her card read: "Dear Kristine, your mother's love is so big that this 'moooooosage' came from Alberta, Canada."

A woman sent a personal "moosage" to the children from Alberta, Canada. Mona Sofie/Facebook

Some of the other sweet notes included hand drawn elephants and cartoon characters. One writer from Jacksonville, FL even included a photo of a tiny green gecko with their message.

Each of the birthday messages had a personal twist, depending on the writer's location. Mona Sofie/Facebook

Hegeland's message resonated so much with Facebook user Savannah Foster, 33, from Collinsville, Illinois, that she reached out to her and now the two have become friends.

"Just knowing how far a mother would go for her kids. It's just the small things, but there's love. That moved me," said Foster, who recently put a call out on Facebook for seniors in her town who are in need of toilet paper rolls. "It says that no matter where you are, we are people and as long as we stick together, the world can be ok," she said. "It is hope. There's definitely hope."

How can you start something good?

You can join the Random Acts of Kindness group on Facebook by clicking here. The group shares random acts of kindness they perform, no matter how big or small.

Even if you don't want to join an internet group, you can still carry out your own Random Acts of Kindness every day.

A few ideas: offer to buy groceries for people who are at high risk for the virus in your neighborhood and can't leave home, buy a gift card at your favorite restaurant and give it away, or just pick up the phone to let someone know you care.

We can't imagine a better time to start practicing kindness every day – the world can surely use it!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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