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Mom Posts Inspirational Notes On Every Locker At Son’s School

Can you imagine writing 1,200 notes by hand? That's just what she did to make the students smile.

When students returned to Amsterdam High School in New York on Monday after a winter break, they were met with a rainbow of small paper squares lining the hallways

While they were out, someone anonymously stuck Post-it notes with a personal message on each on the 1,200 student lockers in the school.

"The first thing I noticed was all of the colors and then I started reading them and saw they were all these positive messages and it was really, really nice," Emma Kelly, a 17-year-old senior, told Good Morning America.

Students at Amsterdam High School were welcomed back from winter break with uplifting messages on their lockers. Greater Amsterdam SD/Facebook

The person behind the idea is Lori Stachnik whose son is a sophomore at the school.

Lori Stachnik got the idea to spread messages of positivity from a news story. Lori Stachnik/Facebook

Stachnik says she came up with the idea after hearing the conversations between her son and his friends when she would drive them to and from track team practices. "I just feel like the kids go through so much with bullying and all the pressure they have," Stachnik said. "They deal with a lot and you never know what somebody is going through."

She was inspired to create the Post-it messages when she heard a news story a few years ago about a teenage girl who did a similar project in her community.

Here's another kind soul who recently posted positive messages at his school: High School Student Posts Positive Messages, Spreads Kindness

One of the most difficult parts of pulling off her idea was coming up with over a thousand inspirational quotes to use.

"I looked on Pinterest and was Googling motivating quotes, quotes for teens, quotes for success, inspiring quotes," Stachnik said. "I really tried to find things that would talk to teens, something that would resonate with them."

Each one of the 1,200 quotes on the notes was unique. Greater Amsterdam SD/Facebook

It took Stachnik over a week to hand write the 1,200 notes, and she worked with a few of the school's faculty members to stick the notes to each of the lockers before the kids returned from their break.

"We really envisioned that this was going to be an anonymous thing," she said. "I thought hopefully it might impact one or two kids, maybe change the way they were thinking that day."

The school district shared the kind deed in a Facebook post after the students discovered the notes of encouragement.

Student Kelly's quote read, "Just because your path is different doesn't mean you are lost."

The words resonated with her so much that she kept the note in her backpack to look at whenever she needs a boost of positivity.

"Other friends have taken them home and are reading them in the morning for positivity," Kelly said about the students' reactions to the notes. "Everyone's been talking about how nice it was."

Stachnik hopes that others will take her lead and will be inspired to do something similar in their own communities.

How can you start something good?

Small acts of kindness are the best (and often the easiest!) ways to #StartSomethingGood in your community.

You can leave Post-it notes for students, write anonymous Thank You cards for public servants or put love letters in library books. Sometimes the smallest acts have the biggest impact. Why not start today?

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