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Miracle Myka Joy Turns Four

A little girl who needed a liver transplant because of her rare disease gets a surprise on her 4th birthday from Wendy Bell, Sparkt, and Oakmont Bakery.

Myka Joy Reeder turns 4 years old Saturday. There's extra cause for celebration, because it's a birthday milestone her parents and doctors never assumed she would reach.

Myka has a rare genetic disorder and received a liver transplant at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in 2017. Her dad and mom Richie and Regan Reeder wrote to Sparkt, asking if there was a possibility their "4-year old warrior" could be part of Sparkt's Cake Walk. Watch what happened when our Wendy Bell showed up with a cake from Oakmont Bakery, decorated just for her

After Wendy set down the cake on the family's dining room table at their home in Monroeville, mom and dad grabbed a couple of forks and let Myka and big sister Alivia dig in. You've probably never seen two girls so excited over a cake -- and two parents so grateful at their joy. Watch the girls go at it, and hear what Richie and Regan have to say about how Myka has blessed the lives of all who know her.

Myka was born with Methylmalonic Acidemia , a disorder in which the body can't process certain proteins and fats. This causes a buildup of methylmalonic acid in the blood. Children with MMA have to be on a low-protein diet and still face serious and even life-threatening side effects.

Doctors suggested to Myka's parents that a liver transplant, while it can't "cure" her disease, could minimize those side effects and improve her quality of life. Myka had the transplant on January 7, 2017. The family has been supported by their family, friends, and members of the family's church , who have donated more than $50,000 through COTA , the Children's' Organ Transplant Association. While she's not "out of the woods" just yet, Myka's parents say she's making great progress. See, she even knows how to hold up four fingers for Wendy to show how old she is!

Myka's parents kept a blog throughout her transplant journey, and watch a beautiful video here about how the family has stayed strong through Myka's trials. Through mouthfuls of cake, even little Myka kept saying thank you for the surprise as her proud parents looked on (she told us, emphatically, Oakmont Bakery is her favorite). "Any normal moment is something we never take for granted because there were times we didn't know if we'd have another normal moment with her," said Regan.

"God's taught us so much about life through her. Her life has encouraged a lot of other people." Richie Reeder, Myka's dad

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