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Mayor Loses Bet With 2 Girls, Makes Them Mayors For a Day

The payoff: they got chance to see how rewarding public service can be.

When Connellsville, Pa. Mayor Greg Lincoln made a bet that he could beat two of his constituents in a running race, who knows if he really thought he could do it. But he did pay off when they beat him, and Maggie McPoyle and Ella Lape, both 13, got the chance to be mayors for a day.

The Uniontown Herald Standard says it all started when Ella and Maggie called out Mayor Lincoln on Facebook for missing a community race earlier this summer. Lincoln said he'd take them on in another 5K run, and needless to say he lost to the girls, who both run cross country.

(L-R) Ella, Mayor Lincoln and Maggie pose in city council chambers. City of Connellsville Facebook page

In keeping with his promise, Mayor Lincoln took on the honor of swearing in the girls as mayors for a day.

Reading a proclamation. City of Connellsville Facebook page

First, the girls visited the nearby Atkins Music Center, where they presented a proclamation to owner Denise Friel, recognizing her for keeping music in Connellsville, and supporting the students who study music in her store, never missing a musical, concert, recital or band performance according to the Herald Standard.

The girls and police chief Bill Hammerle. City of Connellsville Facebook page

The girls also visited the police department touring the station with Chief Bill Hammerle and taking a spin around town in a police car.

City of Connellsville Facebook page

The rest of the day brought lunch at Valley Dairy restaurant downtown, a meet and greet with local business owners, a stop by an Adopt-a-Block Party, and ended with the youg mayors introducing a band at a local park. Whew!

"We just want him to know how much we appreciate him." Gwen McPoyle

The Herald Standard says the girls' parents are grateful that Mayor Lincoln gave their daughters a chance to learn civic responsibility. "It's very exciting to see Greg including them in the day to day running of the city," Joe Lape, Ella's father told the paper. The girls also got a chance to see how much the town loves the mayor, which might be the best testament to the rewards that can come from public service!

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