Marty's Journey

Marty Griffin is a radio and TV personality, and Sparkt's CEO. He's also a survivor of HPV-related throat cancer. Marty's Journey chronicles his battle, brings hope to others, and advocates for the life-saving HPV vaccine.

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    Reaching A New Milestone... One Year "Cancer Free"

    Watch as I get my latest scan at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, then you're with Kristine and me as we get the early results.

    Our Mission
    Have you ever felt like there's just too much bad news? Ever felt like the world is hopeless, and you're helpless to do anything about it? We did too. That's why we created Sparkt™.
    At Sparkt™, we tell powerful stories about great people making a difference in their communities, and we show you how you can make a difference too. Join us, and together, let's #StartSomethingGood!
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