Man Rushes Into NYC Traffic To Save Runaway Dog

Wait until you hear how he risked his life -- and he's afraid of dogs!

Traffic is not uncommon in New York City. It's basically part of the landscape.

So, when cars were at a complete standstill on one of the city's busiest thoroughfares on Monday night, it wasn't a big surprise – but the reason for the traffic jam was far from typical.

Turns out, a dog had gotten away from its owner who was using the pedestrian walkway on FDR Drive and ran into traffic.

That's when a good Samaritan (who may or may not have had a Superman costume on under his clothes) rushed into the busy road to save it.

Cellphone footage caught the man weaving through the line of stopped cars to get to the pup, who was later described by an NYPD officer as "the sweetest doggie in the world."

After the man caught the dog, the officer, Sgt. Carlos Nieves, helped him get it to safety. Nieves quickly took to social media to share the story in hopes of finding the dog's owner.

The man who saved Daiki admitted he was actually scared of dogs, but that didn't stop him from risking his own life to save him.

While neither Sgt. Nieves nor Daiki's family got the rescuer's name, we're sure that he'll always be remembered as the real-life superhero of FDR Drive.

How can you start something good?

We're not recommending you risk your life to save a dog, but you can show kindness to others, every day.

From holding the door for someone to volunteering with a local animal shelter, the ways to help those in your community are endless.

Why not #StartSomethingGood today?

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