Man Drives Halfway Across Country To Reunite Dog With Its Owner

He drove over 2,000 miles because of his personal philosophy to do good for others.

When a Minnesota woman found out that she only had a few months to live, and needed to move to Washington to have help from a friend during her final months, she was devastated. To make matters worse, the airline she was traveling on wouldn't let her bring her dog Bailey on the flight due to the breed's trouble breathing in high altitudes. (Bailey is a pug mix and their smooshed noses can cause respiratory issues.)

Without any other option, the woman dropped Bailey off at a local vet's office and tearfully said her goodbyes.

Soon after, Ryan Chukuske, a volunteer at "Spot's Last Stop Canine Rescue" heard the woman's story and offered to drive the dog himself to reunite with its owner in Washington.

Along with loving dogs, Chukuske is a big fan of the Pacific northwest, so when his wife told him what was going on, he said, "When do I leave?" So, without knowing anything about the dog's owner, Chukuske started the 2,000 mile journey with Bailey as his only passenger.

When asked by WCCO why he agreed to take on the task of delivering a dog to a complete stranger halfway across the country, he said it goes along with one of his philosophies in life, "to be good to people."

"I didn't hesitate," he said. "I just think it was one of those things where everyone deserves good things to happen to them regardless of where you're at in life, and especially maybe at the end of your life. So if having your dog with you is what is really important to and for you, then I am going to make that happen."

Here's a video of Chukuske talking a bit more about his journey with Bailey and his philosophy of "doing good for each other."

Chukuske and his wife, Megan Giesen, started a fundraiser before he left to help raise money for pet supplies and travel expenses. When they raised more than double the amount they needed, they announced that they would donate any extra money to Spot's Last Stop Canine Rescue.

Giesan recently posted an update to the GoFundMe page that Bailey had been reunited with his owner and Chukuske was back in Minnesota.

"This rescue is responsible for connecting not only Ryan and Bailey's owner, but also for connecting many dogs and their owners to create many happy homes and lives!" she wrote.

Inspired by Chukuske's incredible act of kindness? You may not be able to drive a dog across the country to reunite with its owner, but there are many ways to show kindness to strangers every day. You can pay the toll for the driver in line behind you or post inspirational Post-it notes in your office or in any public space. Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

(Source: images & video Ryan Chukuske Facebook )

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