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Man Does ‘Mow & Drops’ To Help People Stuck In Their Homes

He's mowed lawns in all 50 states. Now he's doing double duty -- mowing and dropping off groceries -- to help those in his own backyard.

While most people are retreating indoors to self-quarantine until the threat of the coronavirus passes, Rodney Smith Jr. of Hunstville, AL is spending his days outdoors, helping as many people as possible.

Rodney has been mowing lawns for the elderly, disabled, veterans and single mothers in his community for years. He's still doing it, only this time he's delivering food and supplies to people as well.

Rodney Smith Jr. is mowing lawns and delivering supplies to people deemed at high risk of catching the virus. Rodney Smith Jr./Facebook

Rodney, who's originally from Bermuda, delivered 30 meals last week, and he's been distributing donations he's received to people in need.

"People have been donating money for hand sanitizer, fresh fruit, water, toilet paper and other items for those who can't get outside of their house," Rodney told "Some have met with me to give me the items."

Usually, Rodney gets a hug from people after he's finished mowing their lawns, but due to social distancing rules now in place to protect people from spreading the coronavirus, he's opting for selfies instead – taken from at least 6-feet away, of course.

Last year, Rodney mowed loans for veterans in all 50 states, an experience that prompted him to start the non-profit Raising Men Lawn Care Service to get young people involved in their communities.

Rodney also gets the youth involved by inviting them to join his "50 Yard Challenge." The 50 Yard Challenge is a community service program modeled after karate where kids get a different-colored t-shirt for every 10 lawns that they mow. After they mow 50 yards, the organization gives them their own lawn equipment.

Rodney encourages young people to help in their communities by joining the 50 Yard Challenge. Rodney Smith Jr./Facebook

Rodney was planning to do another "50 States, 50 Yards" program in April, but he postponed it because of the coronavirus.

For now, Rodney will stay where he is and continue to help Hunstville residents by delivering supplies and keeping their lawns freshly cut.

While the people Rodney helps are mostly elderly and are considered at high risk for catching the virus, he says that most of the seniors he has spoken with are in good spirits.

"They know this, too, shall pass, and things will get better," he said.

Rodney takes a selfie after every yard he cuts with the home's owner. He uses a selfie stick now to maintain a safe distance! Rodney Smith Jr./Facebook

What an awesome way to help people during the crisis. Hopefully, others will be inspired to step up and help people in their towns, just like Rodney!

How can you start something good?

As the coronavirus crisis continues, why not take Rodney's lead and help others in similar ways in your own community? You can mow lawns or shovel snow, depending on what part of the country you're in!

If you have kids, you can encourage them to sign up for the 50 Yard Challenge. You just need to send a photo to the organization of your child holding a sign that reads, "I accept the 50 Yard Challenge." Click here for more info.

You can also help by purchasing items from the organization's Amazon Wish List to keep the program going.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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