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Make 2020 The Year You Make A Difference Too

Mr. Good Deeds Jon Potter is joining Sparkt to spread his brand of good-deed-doing across the country, even the world. Why don't you join us too?

Jon Potter pulls up his shirt... shows several scars on his abdomen, an inch-long scar on his lower belly closer to his waist.This is where they did the incision, says Jon.He had elective surgery this year. He donated a kidney to a stranger. It was August. The 29-year old saw an Instagram post from a young girl pleading for a kidney for her father. Jon stepped up. I had to do it, says Jon.

Shortly after the procedure Jon posted on his Reddit site. I am nothing special, nor am I trying to atone for some horrible crimes I did I the past. I am just an awkward and anxiety-ridden guy, who deep down always wanted to do good. Which, I am pretty sure is most people.

Jon ain't most people. His kidney saved the life of a 57-year old man.I recently joked and asked if he was done with the organ donation thing. With a straight face... he told me: I still have half a liver to give.

Body part donations aside... Jon Potter is amazing. His site Pittsburgh Good Deeds is where he does his best work. You name it... he does it... and he does it for whatever you can pay, eve for free if you can't! He recently rescued a wayward emotional support cat from a tree ( click here ), fixed a roof and a single mom's rotting windows ( click here ), unclogged a few toilets and tore down a young couple's busted up pool ( click here ). He's been called the Modern-Day Mr. Rogers" of the Pittsburgh Internet.

Now Jon Potter and his good deeds are going global. People want to start Good Deeds programs all over the county and around the world, says Jon. Here at Sparkt we're gonna help Jon get there. He's gonna help us get there. What an opportunity to make a difference together!

I'm gonna hang with Jon in the next week or so to see for myself how he and his band of volunteers are changing lives. How cool. Get Marty meets Mr. Good Deeds. I'm so proud to call Jon friend... so jazzed about making a difference in the New Year with Mr. Good Deeds.'

For folks who put limits on themselves and say, "I can't make a difference because..." just know that Jon Potter manages all of what he does while dealing with severe anxiety and a recent autism diagnosis. You'll find no excuses here.

More than 2300 years ago Greek philosopher Aristotle said "What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good." It was Ghandi who said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Jon Potter lives that. Here at Sparkt let's hope the new year motivates all of us to do more, small things and not-so-small, in service of others.

How can you start something good?
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