Love Pets? Help Rescue Them From California Wildfires

You can help even if you don't live in the fire zone.

The California wildfires have been devastating, not just for people, but for their pets too. After all, don't we consider our animals family members?

That's where some passionate and compassionate people who love animals are stepping in to help.

LA Animal Services, which has 6 shelters in Los Angeles County, has put out a call for help with rescues of everything from cats and dogs, to large animals like horses.

The group has sent trailers and specially trained equine response teams to Malibu and other areas to make sure horses are safe from the fire.

This couple is fostering a dog from one of the LA shelters, clearing a spot for a pet affected by the wildfires.LA Animal Services/Facebook

They're also trying to clear out their shelters to make room for house pets who've been abandoned because of the fire emergency. So they're asking people in the Los Angeles region to adopt or foster dogs and cats so that there's space in the shelters for those animals coming in from the fire areas.

They've partnered with groups like Paws for Life to get animals fostered out to families.

Groups all over California are helping to rescue pets abandoned by families fleeing the wildfires.Paws For Rescue/Facebook

Groups like Dog Is My CoPilot are also jumping in to help. Based in Wyoming, the organization was founded by Peter E. Rork, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon and lifelong pilot who, with his volunteers, transports at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters to shelters in 15 western states where families are waiting to adopt.

Dr. Roark's group has been flying animals from LA Animal Services shelters to Oregon, Washington and Idaho. So far they've transported 23 dogs and 132 cats and kittens from the fire region to safe new homes, and creating shelter space for refugee pets whose owners can reclaim them when the fire emergency is over.

Dog is My Copilot is helping shuttle pets from California to other shelters to make room for fire-evacuated pets.Dog is My Copilot/Facebook

We're always amazed at how people step up in times of emergency, not only to help people who are affected by challenges, but their animals too!
How can you start something good?

No matter where you live, you can help support organizations that are supporting families and their pets affected by the California wildfires.

LA Animal Services, click here to donate

Paws For Life, click here to donate.

Dog Is My Copilot, click here to donate.

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