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Love From Above - Bus Drivers Honor Class Of 2020 In The Best Way Possible

With graduation ceremonies canceled due to the coronavirus, school bus drivers wanted to say a special goodbye to the students they've come to know over the years.

It's that time of year when the weather starts to warm up, the smell of cookouts is heavy in the air, and yard signs start appearing to celebrate the achievements of the community's graduating seniors.

While students are wrapping up their final years of high school from home, the celebrations are likely going to look a lot different than previous years because of coronavirus restrictions.

Graduation looks a lot different this year for students across the country. Loveland City Schools/Facebook

Most commencement ceremonies have been canceled or will be held virtually, and students may not get to see their teachers and faculty in person again before they graduate.

That's why a group of school bus drivers in Ohio's Loveland City School District did something special to say goodbye to the students they've come to know and love over the years.

Seven drivers from the district met up to film a tribute to the 392 graduating seniors, where they arranged 22 buses to spell out "2020" in the school's parking lot.

"We're the first face they see in the morning and the last one they see before they head home," Lisa Moorhead, one of the district's drivers, told KTRK-TV. "We share hugs, they tell us stories and make us laugh. We share a lot with these kids, probably more than people realize."

Many of the drivers have driven students in the district for generations, and some even remember shuttling some of the seniors' parents to and from school in years past.

School bus drivers gathered to create a touching tribute to this year's graduating class. Loveland City Schools/Facebook

The video was shot by Jim Barrett, Loveland High School's art teacher, using an aerial drone. The clip was later posted to the district's Facebook page, where students and families gushed at the bus driver's epic farewell message.

One person wrote: "This is so awesome and really touching!! Thank you for your dedication!!"

"Loveland Schools are the best❣️" another person commented.

After only a few days, the video was viewed over 4,000 times and was featured on the Today show and Good Morning America.

As for the Loveland Schools Transportation Department drivers, they're just happy they could say a special good-bye to the students who are now like family.

"Being a school bus driver is not just a job, it's an adventure! The love for our students is unconditional and each one will always hold a special place in our hearts," driver Michele Winter said. "Every story, every hug, every laugh and every tear with them are memories and sometimes even lessons. To the kids of the past, the present and the future, this is for you!"

Kudos to the bus drivers for going above and beyond their duties to honor the class of 2020. We're sure it's a gesture the students will never forget!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the bus drivers' incredible act of kindness?

We can all do our part to honor the class of 2020. You can bake cookies for students in your neighborhood who are graduating, or leave a card or small gift in their mailbox to help them celebrate. Another option is to post a sign in your yard to honor their achievements.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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