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Love Conquers All! Hospital Staff Plans Wedding To Help Lift Patient’s Spirits

You have to see the video footage of their ceremony - just be sure to have a box of tissues nearby!

When Carlos Muniz and Grace Leimann got engaged, they started planning their wedding right away.

The week the couple was supposed to get married, the groom-to-be came down with Covid-19 and was admitted to Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, TX. Within days, Muniz's health got worse and he was transferred to the ICU and put on ECMO, which is a form of life support. Through it all, Leimann has been by his side, giving him the support he needs to stay strong.

When Matt Holdridge, a nurse who tends to Muniz, found out that the couple had to cancel their wedding due to Muniz's illness, he immediately started planning a wedding for them at the hospital. The staff knew how important it was to give thier patient something to fight for, and that it could help with his healing.

video c/o Methodist Hospital

"The ball just kind of got rolling from there. A lot of people started volunteering for it. Before you knew it, every nurse in the unit knew about it and was trying to figure out ways to make it more special," Holdridge told CNN.

The couple worked closely with the hospital staff to plan the wedding details. Methodist Hospital

The hospital staff said that in the days leading up to the wedding, they saw a remarkable improvement in Muniz's condition.

"We were able to remove his feeding tube and he was able to eat on his own and drink on his own. Everything about his overall picture got better and better," Holdridge said.

The ceremony included flowers and cake.Methodist Hospital

On the day of the wedding, Muniz wore a tuxedo shirt and Leimann wore the gown she had originally purchased for their ceremony and reception. Staff members rolled Muniz's hospital bed, which was adorned with cans and decorations, and ECMO machine down the 'aisle' they created in the hospital corridor.

Leimann's father-in-law acted as the officiant for the ceremony and friends and family members attended virtually. At the end of the ceremony, Leimann gave a heartfelt speech to the nursing staff, thanking them for all of their support.

"I know you have a difficult job. But just know that you are appreciated by many people," she said.

Extended family and friends were able to attend the wedding virtually. Methodist Hospital

Holdridge said the wedding was a big mood-booster and gave the staff a bit of hope during such a dark time.

"This wedding is really important for us as the care team of this patient," he said. "We've seen some victories, but we've had our losses. It was very special for us to be a part of and has been a big motivator for this team. It shows COVID-19 really can't stop love."

The hospital made an exception for their visitors policy to allow family members to attend the wedding. Methodist Hospital

In the days following the wedding, Muniz's health has continued to improve. According to his new wife, he was taken off of ECMO last week and was able to move from his bed to a chair.

Muniz's health is continuing to improve and he has been removed from life support. Methodist Hospital

What an inspiring story. It just goes to show, even the coronavirus is no match for true love. All the best to the newlyweds!

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