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Need help on changing some Laws for Mental Health Children

I have sent this message to Pat Toomey, Governor Wolfe.. Plus all local TV Stations, The President and Vice- President of the United States in hopes that someone will listen to the people that can't help themselves.

9th May 2019

To The Person That Wants To Help Make A Difference,

My name is Melinda A, I am raising my great nephew that has Multiple Severe Mental Health Diagnosis. Autism level Spectrum #1, ADHD-CT (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Combined Type), Bipolar with Psychosis, (RAD) Reactive Attachment Disorder, (PTSD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (ODD) Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder. I got Primary, Physical, Legal Custody of Jace-Michael on November 28th 2012. Since I got him, I have done everything in my power to get this child the best medical health care I can get for him. BUT because it is mental health and not an (IDD) Intellectual Developmental Disability with an IQ under 75, He doesn't qualify for the real help that he needs. Me, with others feeling the same way, our biggest fear is that this child is going to end up killing someone or even raping someone if he does not get the help that he needs VERY SOON!!. I have gotten him all the treatment and enrolled him into all the programs that he was qualified to be in to help with his Mental Health treatment. Currently he is staying at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital in Bridgeville, Pa. He has NOT gotten better in his stay there. He has been there since 2-14-18 which should have only been a 6 month stay. They are looking at releasing him in 3 months. Because insurance can't and won't let him in there much longer.

Jace and his little brother came to live with me since August 12th 2012. When Jace first came to my home, the child was obsessed the guns, sex and killing people. He would talk about it all the time and even turn simple play toys into guns. He would talk about having sex before and would ask little kids to have sex with him. We could never leave him alone with anyone in fear he would act on his desire. The sad thing is that this child knows what sex is because of the exposure that he has seen living with his Parents. WE ARE VERY SCARED because this child STILL talks about killing people and his last visit with us he pulled his brother's pants down and tried to do a sexual act with him while he was sleeping. Jace is 11 years old now. His Mental health is worse now than ever because of the lack of FUNDING that the State and Country provides for Mental Health Treatment Plans. When he turns 14 years old, he will be able to REFUSE ANY AND ALL mental health treatment because that is the law!? Seriously? I am SCARED!!

I CAN NOT afford to go to court to take over as his Power of Attorney or prove him mentally unfit so he can't refuse mental Health treatment. SInce the fees are OUT OF CONTROL for this service. Plus none of the parents pay child support because they just don't. So funding to take care of these kids are on me and the State. I and many other people feel that some on these laws need changed. But since I am not a Politician or have tons of money to make a big ruckus, we are SCREWED!!

I am begging that someone can help me get all the children in this Country the help that they need. Listening to the news everyday is so heartbreaking because mostly all the people shooting each other ALL seem to have Mental Health problems of some kind. Which none are being treated for it. WHY??? Because THERE IS NO FUNDING FOR IT!!! WHY??? WHY??? There should be tons of money for the safety of everyone in this County.

I believe that there are ways to change the laws.. Like if someone under the age of 14 is in a mental health facility more than twice in there life for longer than a 72 hour stay, That child (even an Adult) should be flagged from ever having the right to refuse mental health treatment and someone be pointed as there Proxy. Plus taking there right away from owning a gun since there Mental Health is DANGEROUS.

I have been a long time Conservative Republican and I still can�t get the grasp that our Politicians can�t find a reasonable handle on this subject. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, we should be working on this matter. Maybe listening and talking to the people that pay their benefits and elected them into office would be wise. WE NEED FUNDING FOR HEALTH CARE!!! Plan and simple!! This subject would most likely boost your career.


Melinda A

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