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Local Women Win Food Network Baking Show Competition

Two friends "butter up" three Broadway princesses with a themed cake that wins them top prize on a new cable baking show.

Two women from the Pittsburgh area can say they literally "take the cake" when it comes to baking. They were the winners of a $10,000 prize on a new Food Network series "Winner Cake All


Cathy Burnheimer of Buffalo Township, Butler County (photo right, owner of the boutique bakery " Frosted Envy ") is the baker. She teamed up with her friend Lesley Polinko Wasielewsk i of Swisshelm Park (photo left), a polymer clay sculptor, to craft a nearly life-size princess cake for the third episode of the show, which challenges four, two-person teams to create a cake around a particular theme. Here's the Food Network trailer:

(Video Credit: The Food Network)

In this case, the Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis asked Cathy, Lesley and their competitors to craft a cake that honored their favorite fairy tale. The judges were the actresses who originally performed the roles of Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Princess Jasmine (Alladin) on Broadway, and now appear in a stage show called " Broadway Princess Party ." They judged the cakes based on taste, texture, and the bakers' ability to bring their concept to life. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , Cathy and Lesley's intricate princess cake brought the three human princesses to tears.

In January, Cathy revealed on her Facebook page that they'd been selected to compete on the show. "Happy New Year!" she wrote. "I want to share some very exciting news. In October I flew to Los Angeles with one of my closest friends, Les Polinko, and we shot a show for the Food Network called Winner Cake All! It was an amazing experience!!!"

Lesley agrees the experience was incredible, but admits it was also pretty intense. They only had five-and-a-half hours to bake and decorate the cake. "You have to accept you can't control the outcome. You just have to stick to what you know," Wasielewski told the Tribune Review .

Cathy's local Frosted Envy customers are ecstatic that she'll now have fans around the country. Eva Guidi Aulicino commented on Frosted Envy's Facebook page : "It was a beautiful cake. Seeing it brought out my inner princess."

"Congratulations Cathy. It was so exciting watching you win this!!!" Amy Michelle, "Frosted Envy" Facebook fan

The "Winner Cake All" episode featuring Cathy and Lesley premiered January 21. The episode airs again Saturday 2/2 at 2pm, Monday 2/4 at 11pm and Tuesday 2/5 at 2am..

(Photo credits: Frosted Envy/Food Network YouTube)

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