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Local Couple Competes On "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro's Show

Baking a cake in four hours that would normally take two days. That was the challenge for a Hempfield couple who go up against another baking couple on national TV.

Baking a cake in four hours that would normally take two days was stressful enough. Having the most popular cake-maker in the world judge it just about put the anxiety meter over the top. That's what Randy and Gigi Thomas experienced when they competed on Cake Boss Buddy Valastro's new Discovery Family show "Bake it Like Buddy." The Thomas' episode airs Saturday at 9pm.

Gigi, who own Gigi's Signature Bakery in Hempfield, brought Randy along to the show's baking studios in Jersey City for an episode that pitted two couples in a competition to create the best wedding cake.

Both agreed the experience was intense. "They give you about 15 minutes to familiarize yourself with the bakery," explained Randy in an interview with Larry Richert and John Shumway on KDKA radio. "Then they say 'the clock starts and we don't stop it until it gets down to zero' for any reason." It was a lot of pressure!

"There's going to be a lot of editing. I'm known to be pretty creative with my language!" Randy Thomas, "Bake Like Buddy" contestant

The couple isn't allowed to say much until their episode airs. But they say they used a unique cake flavor they'd never tried before, and the cake is an ambitious two-tiered, carved masterpiece. "When you get there they give you a theme, and ours was 'til death do us part," explained Randy with a chuckle. The couple was to make a decorated cake, in four hours, that reflected their marriage. "And we're both still alive, that should say something," joked Gigi, as Randy interjected "but it was pretty close to 'til death do us part!" The skulls on the cake in the picture below gives you an idea that the Thomas' took the "death" part of the theme literally!

(Images: Bake It Like Buddy, Discovery Family)

Watch Gigi and Randy Thomas on "Bake It Like Buddy"

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