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Join Musicians From The Comfort Of Your Couch And Rock Relief For Unemployed Workers

They'll perform for an astonishing 12 hours straight to help folks in an industry hit hard by the pandemic.

We've heard that hospitality workers like bartenders and wait staff are among the most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing has brought a wave of restaurant, bar and nightclub shutdowns, putting these folks out of work.

A group of musicians decided they weren't going to stand by and watch while the people who staff the venues where they perform scramble to put food on the table and pay their rent.

Chart topping rocker Donnie Iris (R) will perform. Will we hear "Ah Leah!" or "Love Is Like a Rock"? You'll have to watch!Donnie Iris/Facebook

For 12 straight hours Saturday (4/17), musicians including legends like Donnie Iris, Joe Grushecky and Norm Nardini will rock it out in a virtual concert called Pittsburgh Service Staff Aid. The jam-packed show will raise money for hospitality workers affected by the coronavirus shutdown.

The Living Room Concert, which has been in the works for nearly a month, was organized by musician Clyde Callicott. The performance, which will run from noon to midnight on Facebook (click here), will feature more than 60 artists, ranging from rock and rap to folk and hip-hop, performing from their homes.

Bruce Springsteen's BFF, rocker Joe Grushecky is in the concert lineup.Joe Grushecky/Facebook

"We are using a platform that allows us to reach out to each artist, place them in a virtual green room, then place them into the show," Callicott told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where you can also find the full line up and times of performances.

Emmy Award winning rapper FRZY recently broke the Guinness record for longest freestyle rap. He'll perform Saturday. Official FRZY/Facebook

The concert will broadcast from the Pittsburgh Service Staff AID group page, and stream on other Facebook pages. "We're calling it the Pittsburgh Staff AID Love Network," said Callicott, but obviouly people anywhere can watch and support the fundraising effort.

What a great idea! Thanks to the musicians who are willing to take time out of their schedules to perform and raise money for people who desperately need it.
How can you start something good?

The initial goal is to raise $20,000 for Pittsburgh area service staff workers.

Click here to donate. Or you can write a check to:

United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania

1250 Penn Avenue/Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Note that your contribution should go to the Emergency Basic Needs-Hospitality Workers.Fund.

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