It Was Fate! Family Who Saved Dog Thrown From Overpass Says He 'Came Into Their Lives For A Reason’

After going through a similar tragedy last year, they knew they couldn't give up on him. Now the community is pitching in to help with the pup's recovery.

A woman was driving on the interstate near Portland, OR a few weeks ago and saw something fall from an overpass. A familiar feeling passed over her.

She pulled over and found a dog, still alive, but crumpled on the ground from his injuries. The woman believed he was thrown from the overpass, and she quickly rushed him to her daughter, who happens to work at a veterinary clinic.

April Eells, the woman's daughter, saw the severity of the dog's injuries, but helped him anyway. After multiple surgeries and some much-needed rest, the pup, who the family named Hank, is making great strides in his recovery.

After finding Hank on the side of a road when he was thrown from an overpass, the family knew they had to save his life. Team Hank/Facebook

The incident also struck a chord with Eells, whose own daughter tried to commit suicide last year by jumping from an overpass.

"Almost a year ago, my own daughter tried to commit suicide and she jumped off an overpass," Eells told KATU-TV. "So immediately it struck me because it was very symbolic of my own daughter, and my mom said that that was instantly she thought, 'I'm not giving up on him.' Because we didn't give up on her."

After having surgery to repair the broken bones in his feet and ankles, Hank will need extended care. Team Hank/Facebook

To help pay for the vet bills that have been piling up since they found Hank, Eells and her family have been holding fundraisers in the community.

On Sunday, they held a car wash and encouraged folks to donate to help the injured pup who lounged in the shade nearby with both of his hind legs still in casts. The family wore t-shirts printed with the words, "Team Hank" and a red Superman symbol to represent the pitbull's brave spirit.

The family recently held a car wash to help raise funds to pay for Hank's surgeries and recovery. Team Hank/Facebook

Eells created a Facebook page for Hank, who's gained hundreds of new followers since the local media picked up the story. A GoFundMe page started by Eells has already surpassed its $5,500 goal, with more donations coming in every day. Eells said any extra funds the family receives will go to helping more animals like Hank.

"Given his injuries, most Good Samaritans and veterinary clinics would have euthanized this boy, but my parents wanted to give him a fighting chance," Eels wrote on the GoFundMe page for Hank. "And given I work at a veterinary hospital with amazing colleagues, we are able to perform most of his care."

Hanks has quickly become a local 'celebrity' and donations have been coming in from animal lovers all over the country. Team Hank/Facebook

While it will likely be at least another month before Hank is able to walk again, he's expected to make a full recovery.

In a Zoom interview with Fox-12 Oregon, Eells got emotional talking about the parallels between Hank and her own daughter's recoveries.

"He is very symbolic of her. And so, we just can't give up on him," she said. "They both have made it. He came into our lives for a reason and my mom just said, 'We're not giving up on him.'"

Thanks to Eell's vet connections, they received generous discounts on the surgeries and have gotten Hank the care that he needs for a strong recovery. Team Hank/Facebook

What an inspiring story! While what happened to Hank is devastating, we can't imagine a better outcome. Kudos to Eells and her family for putting in the effort to get him back on his feet (or, paws)!

How can you start something good?

You can help support Hank by donating to the family's GoFundMe or by texting 'Hank' to 474747.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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