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It all started with a "Poke"

The love story between Nate & Emily

One night on Facebook, Emily realized something happened to her that hasn't happened since 2012 - she got Poked. Curious to see who in their right mind still uses that feature, she navigates towards the icon to see who had committed the Facebook crime. To her belief, she saw Nate's name sprawled across the screen, asking if she wanted to Poke back. Now Nate was a couple years older but attended the same high school Emily had graduated from. She was interested to see if this was an accident or all apart of a sceme, so she poked back and along with that, she attached a message that said "hmm sorry if this was an accident I don't want to start a poke war with a stranger!" That was the beginning of an all night conversation.

A few days later after talking for non stop, Emily, who was stuck at college without a means of transportation, mustered up the courage to ask Nate if he wanted to come see her. He agreed. That night they wandered the streets of Pittsburgh, stopping at a 7/11 to get her favorite; a banana slushee. To her, this was the best night of her life. She didn't realize how comfortable she could be around someone she just met that day. After their 7/11 date they went back to her dorm room where he dropped her off for the night.

That was the first date of many. Practically three years later they are still together, living in their first apartment in the West End, and that same spark that was there on the first interactions are still alive.


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