I celebrate my little Chi dog Jill, she has saved my life so many times.

My little Chihuahua Jill is not trained to alert for diabetic lows but she does it and even wakes me at night. My little hero she has saved me many times.

I was blessed to receive Jill when she was 3 months old, only weighing 3 pounds I wasn't sure I needed another dog but brought her home to see if my other dog would get a long with this tiny little girl. They did and I kept her and I am so thankful because she is the love of my life and my life saver. She is 2 years old now but for the last year and half she has alerted me to my diabetics lows. At night she sleeps with me, she has woken me up many nights digging at me and when I wake up I realize I am in a low blood sugar and a couple times had to yell for my son to get me something I was so low. she does it in the day time as well, she will start jumping up and down off of me to alert me. It took me a little bit to realize she was alerting me. She is truly my little life saver and I am so blessed to have her. I saved her and now she saves me. She stays very close to me and she gets up close to my face and when I say give me a kiss she leans her face over to me for me to kiss the side of her face. I am truly blessed to have this this priceless little dog. Please if you are reading my story don't ever be afraid to save an animals life, adopt one at your local shelter take one that isn't wanted and needs love, you never know what they will do for you in return to save yours.

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