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Humanity First: Hear The Story Behind The Powerful Image Taken At A BLM Protest

The photograph is being hailed worldwide as a message of hope.

As the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd continue all over the world, there have been stories of looting and violence.

But there are also inspiring moments of people helping.

An image of a man carrying a counter-protestor to safety during a rally in London has been called a message of hope during times of heightened racial tension.

The black man in the photo, Patrick Hutchinson, was at the protest with a group of his friends, who were there to provide security. When they noticed people surrounding a white man who was there to protest against the Black Lives Matter movement, the crew moved swiftly through the crowd to stop him from being trampled.

While Hutchinson's friends formed a circle to hold off the protestors, Hutchinson swiftly picked the man up and carried him over his shoulder to safety.

"I thought 'well if he stays here he's not going to make it,' so I just went under, scooped him up, put him on my shoulders and sort of started marching towards police with him," Hutchinson said in an interview with the BBC.

Hutchinson, who is a supporter of BLM said that while he "didn't think twice" about his decision to get the man to safety, he was also looking out for the protestors who were angry and may have been looking for a fight.

Hutchinson's friends formed a circle around him and the man he was carrying so that he could get him out of harm's way. @AfricaCoalition

"We have a platform at the moment, we're being listened to and I didn't want the narrative to change to something ugly or negative," Hutchinson said. "I'm saving two lives right there. I'm saving the man that's just about to get squashed up and beat up. And then I'm saving those young boys to get a life sentence."

While the world has been calling Hutchinson a hero, he says he couldn't have done what he did without his friends there to help.

"I was just the guy that was caught on camera with him on my shoulder, but all these guys were all party to it," Hutchinson said. "Without them protecting me, I would have probably got stampeded as well. It was a team effort."

Hutchinson said the BLM protestors have to be careful to not use violence to amplify their message, especially since that's what they're fighting against. He said if the other officers who were there when George Floyd was killed had stepped in like he and his friends did, the outcome would have been different.

"When I saw that my heart bled and I thought we're different, we're not like that," he said. "Humanity first."

Hutchinson and his friends were at the protest to provide security and help to de-escalate political tensions. @sanshui596

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