How One Restaurant Is Offering Service With A Side Of Sass

They've partnered with a few local performers to offer a curbside pick-up experience like no other.

With restaurants losing money daily as they remain closed due the coronavirus, some are coming up with unique ways to keep the take-out and delivery orders coming in.

Some of the more creative efforts we've seen are dogs delivering beer for a brewery, a pizza place giving out rolls of toilet paper with orders, and an eatery that's allowing people to purchase meals for local frontline workers.

In an interesting new take-out trend, a restaurant in Michigan City, IN teamed up with a few local drag queens to offer a one-of-a-kind curbside pick-up option for their customers.

Modern American restaurant Fiddlehead announced the new service in a Facebook post and encouraged diners to call or place their take-out orders online, in advance.

Fiddlehead has been open for five years and is well-known for its Lake Perch, loaded burgers and "bangin" shrimp. It initially closed when Indiana's governor imposed the restrictions to stop all dine-in options last month, but they recently re-opened for curbside pick-up and local delivery.

Fiddlehead is known for its tasty seafood options including Lake Perch.Fiddlehead/Facebook

In preparation for the first dragside pickup, Fiddlehead posted a few guidelines for people to follow when they arrived to pick up their food. The rules include staying in your car at all times, no touching of any kind and to not be a "stick in the mud" and ruin a day of fun and good food.

Fiddlehead posted a list of rules for people to follow ahead of their dragside pickup. Fiddlehead/Facebook

On the day of the pickup, the queens were decked out in wigs, make-up and six-inch heels, and while they also wore gloves and masks, the performers added a bit of flair to their PPE with sequins and drawn-on lips (they are drag queens after all!).

"We're still practicing social distancing, and we just thought that it would be a good idea to brighten some peoples' days with having something that's a little different and a little fun," Fiddlehead owner Aaron O'Reilly told the More In Common Show.

The operation was carried out like any other curbside pick-up, just with a lot more sass.

A restaurant in Indiana is offering dragside pickup every Saturday until they can re-open. Fiddlehead/Facebook

The queens brought food orders out to people when they arrived, where they cracked jokes and posed as customers snapped photos from their cars.

"We just thought this idea was a fantastic idea," one customer said. "How cool is this when everybody's sitting inside the house, everybody's been cooped up and, you know, god bless these guys for doing this."

The event was such a success that the restaurant had to stop taking orders early in the day to keep up with the demand.

Drag queens Jayda Pill (L), Wilma (M) and Dena Love Richards-Stratton (R) all took part in the curbside event. Fiddlehead/Facebook

"Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us today," a follow-up Facebook post read. "It was an overwhelming response."

For those who missed their chance of getting a glimpse of the queens, Fiddlehead says they'll be offering dragside pick-up every Saturday until they're allowed to re-open.

How can you start something good?

If you're in the Michigan City, IN area, you can place your order for dragside pickup by calling (219) 210-3253 or visit the Fiddlehead website to place your order online.

If you're not in the area, we encourage you to support your favorite local restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery, and you can also buy gift cards to use at a later date.

You can also support your local drag queens by following and sharing their social media accounts. Most have included links to their Venmo accounts in their profiles to take donations.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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