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His Moves Will Inspire You! Young Boy Gets Scholarship After Video Of Him Dancing In The Rain Goes Viral

You have to see the powerful moment that has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Last month, when Anthony Mmesoma Madu's ballet teacher recorded him pirouetting and leaping barefoot in the rain, he wasn't thinking what would happen if the video went viral. He was focusing on perfecting his moves.

His teacher, Daniel Ajala Owoseni, would agree that the eleven-year-old is somewhat of a perfectionist.

"Anthony has been a very dedicated student," Owoseni told NPR. "From the day when he started, he's someone who if he doesn't get the combination correctly, he start crying in class."

video c/o Leap of Dance Academy

Owoseni is the founder of the Leap of Dance Academy in Lagos, Nigeria. He's been focusing on getting more young people to learn ballet, which isn't a very popular dance style in the country.

"I don't want to be like every other Nigerian dance art, which is actually some hip-hop or something else," Owoseni said. "I just wanted to bring a different picture to what is being seen or acceptable here."

After the video of Madu dancing in the rain went viral, people all over the world have been inspired by his natural talent. Even celebrities like Viola Davis were moved to share the video, with Davis tweeting that Madu's dancing "reminds me of the beauty of my people."

Madu's video caught the attention of celebrities like Viola Davis, who shared the sweet moment with their fans. @violadavis

The video also caught the attention of Cynthia Harvey, the artistic director of the American Ballet Theater, who offered Madu a full scholarship to the ABT virtual Young Dancer Summer Workshop where he'll train with some of the best ballet dancers in the world.

"A friend who lives in the UK sent me the video," Harvey told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "Within a day, I was trying to find him."

Next year, Madu will get to practice in the United States, thanks to a free ride from Ballet Beyond Borders.

The Leap of Dance Academy said that Madu received multiple offers for scholarships after the video of him dancing in the rain went viral. Leap of Dance Academy/Facebook

Madu is just one of 12 Nigerian children who attend the Leap of Dance Academy in Lagos. The classes are small and are offered tuition-free to students who show promise and who otherwise could not afford the luxury of ballet lessons.

When the young dancer found out that his video went viral, he was reportedly "very, very happy."

"When people see ballet they think it is only for girls," Madu said. "How I want them to see me is when I am dancing, they know that there is a male ballet dancer."

He added: "The feeling that comes over me is as if I am dreaming."

Classes at the Leap of Dance Academy are small and are offered to students free of charge. Leap of Dance Academy/Facebook

What a beautiful and inspiring story. We hope that Madu and all of his classmates keep dancing (and dreaming) for years to come!

How can you start something good?

Feeling inspired?

You can support the Leap of Dance Academy and help them to continue offering training to dancers like Madu by clicking here.

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