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His Joy Will Melt Your Heart: Boy Battling Cancer Gets a Huge Birthday Surprise

He's defying the odds and finding happiness in the moment, including a stupendous 10th birthday parade!

Jimmy Spagnolo was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was just 4 months old. Doctors said it was inoperable and the chances were small that he'd survive childhood. But with lots of prayers and four rounds of chemotherapy over the years, Jimmy's defied all the odds, and on Monday, he celebrated his 10th birthday!

Woo hoo it's fun to turn 10! And in Jimmy's case, it's odds-defying.Facebook

Just days before, his mom Lacie revealed on Facebook that a tumor on right hemisphere of Jimmy's brain is growing again and he needs to start a new round of chemo treatments. But in keeping with this family's attitude of always looking on the bright side, relying on their faith, and living for the moment, Sunday his mom organized a birthday celebration to end all birthday celebrations -- even with social distancing.

Check it out as Jimmy was treated to a procession of fire trucks and police cars, a horseback ride, and an enthusiastic parade of family and friends all in one day!

A parade of cars, filled with well wishers, stretched down the family's street in Shaler, PA, just north of Pittsburgh, as Jimmy jumped for joy to see all of the people who came to wish him a happy birthday.

Jimmy couldn't help smiling, seeing his family and friends!Facebook

One parader threw candy like in a real parade, while others brought gifts, and many decorated their cars with signs.

Each car stopped in front of Jimmy's house so the people inside could wish him a happy birthday.Facebook

The special surprises kept on coming. Jimmy's aunt, uncle and cousins arranged for a shaved ice truck to come to the family's house.

Thank you Aunt Peggy, Uncle Tony, Gracie and Nino for the best present ever the family wrote on Facebook.Facebook

His mother sums up their "live every day to the fullest" attitude in a post to Facebook:

We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that Jimmy is watched over by a power greater than we all understand. We have found that there is a reason for all things and hard times do come to pass. It's in our choices and how we chose to live that determines what comes next. So we live MOMENT by MOMENT and we know good things are always coming to us.

Good luck to you Jimmy! You've beat this before and with the prayers and support of a lot of people, you'll do it again!

How can you start something good?

Read more about Jimmy's journey on his mom's Facebook page, You Were Born to Do This, and keep track of developments in his new round of treatments at the family's Facebook page, I'm Praying for Jimmy Spagnolo.

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