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Hero Bus Driver Saves The Day! He Didn't Think Twice About Jumping In To Help

You won't believe the video footage that shows him coming to a woman's rescue as she's being mugged on the side of the road.

A bus driver in Hungary just happened to be the right person, in the right place and at the right time earlier this week when he saw an elderly woman getting mugged while he was driving on his route.

The driver, Károly Zsolt Kis, is an Iraq war veteran who is obviously no stranger to stepping up in dangerous situations.

In a surveillance video obtained by The Sun, you can see the moment when Károly spots the woman struggling with a man who was trying to steal her purse on the side of the road.

In the video, Károly quickly pulls over. He jumps out of the bus and gives the mugger a hard push. Then, he stands in front of the woman and waits until the man walks away. While there's no audio, you can tell some harsh words were exchanged.

After the mugger leaves, the driver helps the woman get on his bus and continues on his route.

According to local reports, the elderly woman was shaken up, but wasn't injured. Shortly afterward, police identified and arrested a 27-year-old man who they suspect was the mugger.

Bus driver Károly Zsolt Kis pulled over immediately when he saw the mugger. YouTube

The video shows that Károly didn't hesitate for a second to help the woman who was being attacked. He also had the strength of character to stay with the woman and make sure she was okay.

It just goes to show that heroes are all around us, just waiting for the right moment to jump into action. We'd certainly feel safe with a driver like Károly behind the wheel!

Károly didn't hesitate to put himself between the mugger and the elderly woman. YouTube

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