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This UPS Driver Is Getting Internet Famous For The Best Reason

He wanted to bring cheer to those who are stuck inside during the pandemic. What he delivered was a whole lot more!

Today, I choose love. Today I choose hope.

These are the words that UPS driver Jeremy Squires uses to start his daily posts on his Facebook page.

Squires has been a package driver for over 20 years, and he's never seen anything rock the community he delivers for in Pittsfield, MA like the coronavirus has. But, instead of letting the doom and gloom get to him, he's decided to focus on the positive.

"I was negative," Squires told UPSers.com. "I was into doubt and worry. Then I thought, enough is enough. Today, I'm going to choose positivity, love and hope. I'm not going to let negativity penetrate me."

The way he started to express that positivity was through his Facebook page, where he has been posting stories about the people he has gotten to know along his route. Each story tells a little bit about the person, along with a selfie taken at a safe distance.

For example, one of his personal snapshots is of Albert Hopper, a 97-year-old WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

"Why am I telling you about Albert Hopper?" Squires wrote in the post. "Because EVERYONE should know Albert Hopper!!! He is an American HERO!"

Squires has a personal connection with most of his customers, but especially with Albert Hopper - who happens to be his grandfather. Jeremy Squires/Facebook

Mr. Hopper is also Squires' grandfather.

Squires also wrote about Chin and Sabrina Tan, a couple along his route who own a small Malaysian restaurant in town.

"Sabrina is still in the kitchen cooking for everybody during this pandemic," Squires wrote. "Let's support them the way they support our community now in this time of crisis."

Squires has been posting a story about his favorite customers every day. Jeremy Squires/Facebook

As you read Squires' stories, you quickly realize that he's not just a UPS driver to the people he's serving. He's shared meals with them, joined them on family vacations – one of the kids along his route even calls him "Uncle Jeremy."

Squires' love letters to his community also demonstrate why he, along with every other delivery driver, are considered 'essential' workers during this time. His customers depend on him for life-saving medications and other medical supplies that, literally, keep them breathing.

A lot of Squires' customers rely on him for getting medications and other life-saving supplies. Jeremy Squires/Facebook

Since starting his online chronicles, Squires has gained thousands of new Facebook followers and has been interviewed by numerous media outlets – he even got a nod from the mayor of Pittsfield. But, even with all of his newfound fame, you get the sense that the UPS-veteran wouldn't want to do anything else with his life.

"I have a connection with my customers that is unlike no other," Squires said. "I really have a passion of going to work every day and seeing these people. They bring joy to my life and I like to think I bring joy to their life as well."

Squires' customers treat him like family. This little girl even calls him "Uncle Jeremy."Jeremy Squires/Facebook

How can you start something good?

We could all be more like Squires and bring more positivity and hope into our everyday lives. Taking the time to listen to someone's story, or telling someone that you're there if they need a friend, can make all the difference in the world.

Even if we don't have the reach of a UPS driver, we can still bring joy to others by choosing love and hope. It's really not that hard to do.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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