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He Might Be Your Boss Someday! 8-Year-Old Starts Business To Help Keep His Community Healthy

When the pandemic put his career goals on pause, he came up with a new way to keep hustling and helping others.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed much about the way we live our lives, including how we work and run businesses. While sadly, some businesses have closed, others are thinking of new ways to operate and make a profit in a new, socially-distant society.

That includes eight-year-old "kidpreneur," Bryon Best, who's also known for his popular YouTube channel, "The Kid Knows Sports."

Bryon Best had to pivot his business when his favorite sports teams canceled their seasons due to the coronavirus pandemic. thekidknowssports/Facebook

Best has been an athlete since he was a toddler and has dreams of one day playing for the NBA or NFL. While he mostly talks about his hometown sports teams, the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets, on his video channel, sports isn't the only passion in life.

"I would like to be an entrepreneur who owns a Wendy's, and I would like to be a gamer," Best told WCNC-TV.

video c/o The Kid Knows Sports

When organized sports were put on hold during the pandemic, Best knew he had to come up with a different way to run his business, while still making an impact in his community.

Byron Best is an athlete himself, and has dreams of "going pro" someday. thekidknowssports/Facebook

Best decided to start putting together and selling 'Coronavirus Kits' with items like hand sanitizer and facemasks – all branded with his trademark logo. He's been selling the kits to family members and has been going door-to-door to get the word out about his new venture.

"We chose to make coronavirus kits to help people in need," Best said.

Best's coronavirus kits contain a face mask, hand sanitizer and a subscribe card for his YouTube channel. thekidknowssports/Facebook

So far, the young entrepreneur has sold 80 kits and has earned $1,500.

Like any good business owner, Best is keeping some of his earnings, donating a portion and saving the rest.

"My mom told me you're going to give some, you're going to save some and you're going to spend some," Best said.

Best recently donated $200 to Baby Bundles, a Charlotte-based charity that provides essential baby supplies to mothers in need.

In his "Simple Tips From an 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur" video on his YouTube channel, Best talks about the importance of partnerships when running a business. For his coronavirus kits, Best chose to link up with Brave Gowns to produce his face masks (which are available for purchase here).

Best partnered with Brave Gowns to make his signature face masks for his coronavirus kits. thekidknowssports/Facebook

When asked what his words of wisdom are for other young people who might want to start a business, Best said:

"Follow your dreams, do what your parents say, have a great education, ask your parents can you do something on their phone and try to work up to your goal."


We can get on board with that advice - especially the "do what your parents say" part! Kudos to Best for proving that you can make a difference, even at a young age.

How can you start something good?

You can purchase one of Best's signature face masks by clicking here.

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