Marty's Message

He Earned His Piece Of The American Dream

His generosity has changed the lives of two men who didn't know where to turn.

Jerry Nasseri is living the American dream. But not without a lot of effort on his part.

Jerry is an immigrant from Iran. He's now an American citizen. He's self made. He put himself through school. He started his own roofing and construction company with a hammer and some nails. Nasco Roofing & Construction is now a multi million dollar business.

Jerry's built his company into an army of skilled workers who know how to do pretty much any kind of construction.

I knew nothing about Jerry and his story until I got a handwritten letter in the mail from a guy who -- as it turns out -- needed Jerry's help. Big time. But let's back up for a second.

I ripped open the letter as I often do, and read it live on my talk show on KDKA-radio.

"Dear Marty...
I am asking for you help to replace a bad roof on the house I live in with my 76 year old brother.

Please help us if you can."

The letter was dictated by Gary Mann to a friend who wrote it down and sent it. Gary has a disability from an accident when he was just fifteen that doesn't allow him to write a letter on his own.

From my lips to Jerry Nasseri's ears. He was driving with his wife when they heard me read Gary's letter. They didn't ignore it. They didn't change to another station. They did what people with greatness in their hearts do.

Jerry and his wife decided they had to make a difference.

Jerry called me immediately. "Marty. I own Nasco roofing. I want to fix that roof. Please give me an address," he said.

Jerry (middle) and I meet with brothers Gary (left) and Robert Mann (right).

It blew me away. Jerry wasn't joking. We met at the house a few days later. We met the Mann brothers, Gary and Robert. We walked through this home. It was devastating. The brothers placed baby pools and coffee cans to catch the water leaking from the massive holes in the roof.

Strategically placed baby pools and coffee cans captured the water from the Mann brothers' leaking roof.

It wasn't enough. Ceilings in every room on the second floor had collapsed. I've never seen a roof that bad. Replacing it would be a massive undertaking.

"Let's go!" said Jerry. That was it. His crews worked tirelessly. Nasco replaced the roof in less than a week. It's a thirty thousand dollar job. Jerry wans't concerned. He says he gets paid in "gratitude and grace," God's Grace.

Bob Mann reacts with relief and joy as Nasco workers finish up repairs on the roof of the house he shares with brother Gary.

Truth is, as soon as his crew finished the Mann house Jerry asked me if there was another project they could tackle. "I'm here to help Marty..tell me who needs it next?" he said.

Minister John Bunyan wrote: "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

We can't all replace someone's roof. We can't. But, we can all do something.

The Mann Brothers are so grateful for the new roof. Jerry Nasseri is grateful he could make a difference.

It's amazing. Here at Sparkt, we all try to make a difference every day.

If I can help you, please let me know. Email me

Read more about the Mann brothers' journey here:

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